1. I was sold more than my monthly allotment in NJ, and the ATC said I'm in violation. I need to return it. ASAP.. What are the laws governing medical marijuana in NJ. Am I really in violation? They said I had 2 quarters left in my allotment. I bought them. Now I'm in violation.

  2. Dr. Patel, I'm in Ohio and it feels like the state is giving everyone the runaround. Their website is a mess & is extremely confusing. The bill was passed over 3 years ago. I have no idea how to reregister for my card.
    As of today they don't have any doctors trained for patients to go to. My PCP says it's going to be a mess. She's also mentioned that that there's going to be a lot of red tape and the state's going to have everyone under the microscope. I've gone off my opiate medication's and using herbal supplements. Could you please look into things and post a video about it. Thank You so much. Steve

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