1. Another great video…the more I hear you talk about the markets I begin to agree with you 110%..how many stocks should the beginner follow before trying to day trade…I have 19 stocks…all are down😢😢😢😢

  2. Hello tyco thanks for sharing your knowlegment on trading!!!. I would like to ask if you can to review this companies WTER and NBEV looks great but I have doubts if correct time to buy.

  3. Tikos! Is it possible to know your indicators on the charts. Ive heard 50EMA, 250SMA….but which are the rest? BBand? May be you have a vidio already? Thanks a lot for such a detailed analysis!

  4. I am all over MedMen. The next $50 stock you heard it here first. Lol remind me a lot of canopy by not everything lots of bebt. I remember those days when everyone was talking s*** on canopy. Look up Canopy now compared to Aurora or Aphria. That's just my personal opinion. I will remember look back at this prices. 😎🎰💸☝💎.

  5. Mine was a breakdown fake out. Lol which I love when I'm buying the dip. Unfortunately I was on the go taking my kids to school so it was difficult to do it over my phone while driving. Forced to put it away with kids running around. Lol

  6. The most I've lost was because of not having stop losses. We can all make a killing on the upside but you making money protecting your capital. Strongly suggest Tiko Traders👏😎

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