1. I have always used iso the reason why it turns red while cooking is because it's been left out in the sun for a bit, I know because that's what I do once I have filtered it through coffee filters, its green when sitting in the jar! when you put it in the sun for half hour it turns golden, that's when you know to put it in your rice cooker or what ever your using. I use electric frying pan to cook mine. cook then you will see it turn red straight away this is how you get red oil!!!!

  2. 420shorty … Thank you for the videos! ☚ im also into making the oils. Thanks for your opinions n any info you give. I think you are such an awesome person to share with all of us. I will continue to watch your videos. Also, i wanted to ask you…. What in your opinion,
    type disposable gloves do you think are maybe the safest to use?

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