1. I’m with you on all the info but the % of mold and mildew issues rises exponentially as opposed to lower humidities which deter mold and mildews. How do you combat that? What are your preventatives for mold and mildew or your method of dealing with it if it’s actively happening? Thx

  2. Whats the best for mites i grow seeds outdoors in Oregon but have to switch to indoor for the market changing going to be growing gost og and i suck at indoor but got to adapt to the market ,2- 5,000k rooms to start and don't know what to do for air in and out 6in or 10 inch i would appreciate the help your killin it good job ty..

  3. I take care of the HVAC on a few big operations and they drive me nuts trying to veg and bloom at 60 all the way through . Drives me nuts because they run their equipment so hard for nothing.

  4. Thanks. Carry on. Blessings in Christ Jesus name.

    All growth is a frequency mitosis is a cellular break frequency music increases growth positive music. If applied correctly you can drastically increase plant Behavior. C Schumann resonance 7.83 Bass. Then add the modulation this will increase productivity.

  5. 4 things that might be missing, 1 Wind never blows week after week, and needs to put a Veryac to control wind speed,. 2 his plant pots were not earthed, 3 his growlamps are not on a timer to replicate clouds passing by, for sap flow. 4 rain come from the sky hits the leafs first, and PROMPS THE PLANT TO FEED and it drips down the out side of the plant pot and not near trunk. am sure you all can figger it out from hear.

  6. Super video !!!! You know what you are talking about and man !!!! Those plants look more way öre than perfection!! The trychomes perfect straight man ! You can see and feel that they are Fucking happy !! Its almost giving me hearth pain with the thoughts of cutting them down hahaha love it !!! Thanks for super explanation !;))

  7. I have never seen anyone tell people rule 1 how to get BIG BUDS. Rule 1 Use FRESH CLONES from SEED not 5 yr old mother plants from a cutting. Use seed I found using peoples clones I started to end up with fuck all so I brought some seed and BAM HUGE BUDS HUGE YIELDS and cut from mother plant from SEED 4 times then bud that mother up buy more seeds you will ALWAYS HAVE HUGE BUDS

  8. Plants should not have to look for nutes or water in the bloom phase of grow at all. Maybe right at the end after the last flush

    Drying up is for after transplants when in veg and for times when your playing with hormones in middle to late veg… never in bloom.. ya. This guy knows how to run a big room.

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