How Low Can Aurora Cannabis Stocks Go ? (ACB) future predictions – Departures Capital – Cyberworld 7

today we talk about and predict how low aurora cannabis can go. Also some problem we might be facing in the marijuana industry. Don’t forget to subscribe to …


  1. aurora is one of my favorite. do you think there's possibility of coca cola investing in them? have you read more into penny stock plays like HEMP or CBDD in the new hemp/cbd passage of the farm bill? do you think they are going to be good, or taken-over by big companies like aurora cannabis in the future?

  2. doesnt this company have close to 900 million shares in circulation, it would need to have 8 billion in sales or product to be worth its present value,i think they sell about 35 million a year would that mean that true value would be less then a dollar?

  3. I think everything is dropping because of panic. I don’t think things in realty are not bad. The media manipulates the market now. One good tweet from the president and it gives people confidence to be bullish. One bad article on a certain companies which is based on opinion makes people panic and they start selling off. So one day you’ll have people bullish, the other day bearish. It’s bipolar market. Lol

  4. I know you’re trying to make money but holy shit dude. Enough with the commercials. I don’t even watch anymore because of that. You’re going to turn off a ton of people with that crap. Unsub for sure for that one reason and I’ll check back in from time to time. Just sayin something to think about

  5. Fire and Flower is doing okay in Edmonton (north End)….last Friday line ups out the door. Saturday, line up was not too long..but looked like everyone was okay with what they got~ Yup the CBD is in high demand ~!

  6. Huster, so you think that ACB could bottom out at $5.50 USD or CAN? Maybe you may consider quoting valuations in CAN and USD for future videos(You have lots of American viewers). Anyways, I really enjoy the channel and the collabs. Looking forward to the next installment.

  7. Something that could shake the sector down is the federal election. With liberals most likely not getting in again next election, Scheer may have majority which will affect the sector. He is certainly not as pro cannabis as our current party but I think that really has nothing to do with cannabis itself but because it was the liberals promise to legalize it.

  8. Since everyone is hooked on Aurora, I will be more specific: Aurora the
    COMPANY is a solid behemoth of valuable ASSETS….but due to MASSIVE
    dilution that occurred ACQUIRING those assets, it is going to be VERY
    difficult to move the stock higher…and that's even with them being on
    the NYSE where volume is much higher. Plain and simple? Aurora spent WAY
    too much WAY too fast, and did it via bought deals by issuing shares
    instead of taking a loan from a bank….therefore the COMPANY ASSETS are
    impressive, but the STOCK is a complete piece of cunt shit. Now go buy

  9. People seem to forget these pot companies are still losing lots of money which is normal for a company starting out and even after the drop are still overvalued. Investors are simply pulling their money out of really risky stocks(like pot) since the overall markets are turning into bearish territory.
    Recreational sales only accounted for $800,000.00 in the last quarter I believe- don’t completely quote me on that but I think it was under what analyst were expecting.
    For all we know, these pots could sink way down and don’t stress over it- it’s just market volatility. If you truly believe in the company you invested in, just buy more.
    Investing is long term, market volatility means nothing.

  10. Second….however onto the point. I think while Aurora is down, I think it is fairly stable. If you examine other major players like Tilray and Canopy, they bounce up and down in dollars, not cents. I also, think as Investing Hustler points out, it will be about next quarters earnings, not this quarter. That is one reason why the stock didn't bounce up after; plus as Seeking Alpha and Motley Fool point out, Aurora was clever in how they presented their earnings in relation to the Green Dutchman. Furthermore, they maintain an option to buy back the majority share with Australis Capital who is now starting to ramp things up in Michigan after Recreational legalization there. That may be an Ace up the sleeze for them to gain access to the American markets. While we are all fretting a 50 cent or dollar drop now, in the future, it'll survive the instability and become one of the major players in the global cannabis market.

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