Free Terrarium is Growing Like a Weed! (9mo Update)

How is the $0 Free Terrarium doing these days? Quite well actually! In fact, it’s growing like a weed and needs some maintenance. So why don’t we do a proper …


  1. This has to be one of my favorite terrariums! What do you think about it's progress? Also I think I finally decided on a good format for doing the updates. From now on I will simply do updates when I think they are needed. This is better than setting dates because each terrarium is different. Some need maintenance often and some less often. I will probably enjoy and keep up with them more frequently as well. Anyways, enjoy the video!

  2. I have a question about aquariums. I had a few minnows that I got from a river and all of them but one died. The one is still alive, but I feel that he might be lonely. Should I add other minnows from the same spot in the river, or would that be dangerous for the fish?

  3. I actually made a native terrarium myself with inspiration from you of course. Mine isn't sealed though. Is just in a really large fishbowl I got a great deal on. Does SerpaDesign have a FB? I forget…If so it'd be neat for your fans to share their creations on your timeline. You inspire us, we inspire you, everyone wins. Thanks for the great video as always brother. Looking forward to the next.

  4. Love your vids, thank you so much for all the great lesson! You should make a terrarium that incorporates an amethyst or some other beautiful mineral/crystal/stone into the hardscape. Would be magical!

  5. @SerpaDesign Where do you make your acrylic inclosures, Besides pet shops. I know you have made some before. Could you give me a rundown as to well. Im looking into making a snail vivarium but mostly looking for width and not as much length for the enclosure. As such I was wondering if the hardware store can cut the panels by one's taste.

  6. tanner you should do a scape for a turtle if you have space a scaped 60-80 would be enough for an adult stinkpot turtle which only needs 20 gallons but since the scaping takes up space i said 60-80

  7. Impressive work! One question: please write something about the lighting: artificial or by window, how strong? how many hours a day, how close from source to the plants, etc. This is also request to the other of your future videos. Thanks πŸ˜€

  8. Looks great! Seeing this helped me identify the sphagnum in my collection. I remember in a video you show us how to seal plastic bins. Not the ooggoo tutorial. I can’t find which that was. Any chance you can point me to where that was?

  9. I love your affordable and native videos. It makes it all seem more accessible and less overwhelming. Not to mention the videos are always so aesthetically on point. Thanks for the upload!

  10. Hello .I would like to thank you for my new hobby. I went on line to teach myself how to make a terrarium and found yours to be very the most helpful. Now I have over a dozen and my family and friends think they are lovely. I though I would have to import moss from Tasmania (cooler and moist ) but found some around my local area in Adelaide Australia ( Hot and dry )and it is doing well. I love watching your videos and taking your tips to heart.

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