Conor Mcgregor Arrested For Sexual Assualt And Footage Of Him At A Crack House: Joe Rogan Reddit

Conor Mcgregor Arrested For Sexual Assault (Rape) And Underground Footage Of Him At A Crack House Plus Joe Rogan’s Reddit Page HIGH im …


  1. Mate are you stupid or just uneducated i these are not “crack dens” or “projects” you uneducated moron. I there and it’s full a hard working respectful people. Whoever is filling you with this information is a retard like yourself. You haven’t a clue

  2. Real Question. I am pro "Ganja" but why do some people like you get that slow drawl almost retarded sounding speech pattern and other people who use do not? My brothers sound just like you.

  3. It's been couple of days now, for the people calling it fake news, he would have made a statement by now clearing himself, which he hasn't……so what does that mean..

  4. Conor has been defending himself alot in court of late. yet strangely he has never defended a title. He must sleaze around with other women because his missus has twice his reach and is a few weight classes above him, must be frustrating for the little guy.

  5. I got some info from an Irish dude as well but In Dublin there’s a lot of bad talk about him being not the best guy. He is innocent til proven guilty but is their any scenario I can see him doing this and I say plausible. Story is Conor got handsy and the girl smacked him. I’ve seen him violent with fans too close and aggressive w TMZ and ya weigh ins and if she hit him I have seen him snap before why not again as well as to humiliate her. The girl was sodomized making it even more violent. They say she was beaten too. to me for some reason the sodomy makes it more believable . If was trying to just blackmail which is plausible too ur I feel they wouldn’t have claimed this. This seems like an angry drug fueled assault and very vicious. I hope it’s not true but Conor presenting himself before any charges and the tweet I’m not an animal are both very damning. He admits to consensual rough sex but any rapist uses this defense as they will find DNA but that doesn’t make determine its criminal.

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