Cirrhosis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

What is cirrhosis? Cirrhosis describes the process of irreversible scarring and fibrosis of the liver tissue. Find more videos at Hundreds of …


  1. This video has been updated! We needed to adjust the image of the portosystemic shunt and we also we added a symptoms section, a diagnosis section, a treatment section, and a recap section.

  2. are regenerative nodules living cells, as you mentioned, or are they made up of dead cells that clump/come together in response to repeated injury?

    and can you briefly explain the difference between regenerative and dysplastic nodules plsss

  3. I had an Ultrasound a few Day's ago, I just visited the Doctor today to get the results and he told me that I have Sirrhosis of the liver and a Cyst on the ventricle, I don't know what the fuck to do, I haven't even told my family yet.

  4. Wonderful video, thank you. Only a couple of issues. Point-spot biopsy is not a reliable diagnostic tool, even done in multiple sites. Plus it is invasive and not without serious risk. Better to use Elastography (Fibroscan), determine presence of esophogeal varices with endoscopy, look at an ultrasound, and do some old fashioned diagnostic sketching of the overall picture including symptoms and patient history. Also esophogeal varices were not mentioned, and hemmorage of those is the leading cause of cirrotic death, in my understanding.

  5. Ast and alt are the tests i had done. They both showed normal levels. Does this ultimately mean im good, or are these tests only s small portion of asnwer?

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