1. Dear Ron White,

    I am trying my best to adhere to your valuable advice on improving my memory.

    I suffer from Dyslexia so I am concerned that in long term I may also experience Dementia.

    Do you have any additional preventative advice and information for me.


  2. Thanks for the valuable information Ron. This is really helpful, i had been researching it since long . I appreciate the way u have explained every component in each mentioned food. We don't get Kale, blueberries , avacado , broccoli cheaply in india, but other items are easily available. Greetings from India !

  3. Hi Ron! – Does your night-T-shirt at the beginning of the video say: "Am I a good PRESON" ? I am a bit confused by that and I googled it but it did not make any sense either. Is my brain not working properly?

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