BEST OF 2018 | Facial Cleansers & Face Masks – Dry Skin

It’s time for the BEST OF 2018! Today I’ve got my top facial cleansers and face masks of the year. #bestskincare2018 All products linked below! GOOW …


  1. I've been using the Estee Lauder oil makeup remover. It is fabulous. I've been using it about a month now. Oddest thing here, I had to stop using the Garnier Micellar Water too. I noticed my eyes and cheeks were drying out. I miss it because the Estee is high. But, it is what it is. I'll pay more to get what works if I have to. At 46, I have to avoid anything drying.

  2. Love the CeraVe hydrating cleanser. My holy grail make-up remover is the Shu Uemura Ultim8 cleansing oil – amazing and soft and soothing and kickass at removing waterproof mascara and sunscreen. For the second or morning cleanse I'm really digging the It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cleanser – it's hydrating and cleans well. I'm bummed about our inability to get Sukari Baby Facial and Belif here, but I also like the L'Oreal clay masks and the Tatcha. The green Boscia matcha mask is also a fave.

  3. I loved the Julep cleanser as well, but didn't like the fact that I couldn't get my hands on it easily. My replacement has been Burt's Bees oil cleanser. It works well, it doesn't dry me out, and I can pick it up at most drug stores and Target.

  4. Love trying all kids of cleansers and face masks. The only mask I didn’t really care fore is the rubber ones. A fur baby made it in the video!😻 Thank you fore sharing your favorites. Have a wonderful weekend 💜

  5. I love Facetory!!! I’ve become addicted to face masks since last summer. I use them at least every other night. As far as Belif products, I’ve had to cut down on them. I have psoriasis on the front of my neck and the silicones seem to aggravate it. So I’ve had to pull almost all silicone skincare out of rotation. I can still use it if I don’t bring it all the way down my neck. But I’ve ordered the DE line of moisturizers. So we’ll see if they’re better as far as my psoriasis is concerned.

  6. Hello Shelly! if your really missing the micellar water, (i also love it for eye makeup removal) try the pink topped BIODERMA, it does not seem to dry my undereyes at all! and……….SAME for the pumpkin enzyme mask, one of my favorites!!!!

  7. Hi Shelley, I totally agree with you in that the blue cap Garner Micellar Water is drying under the eye. The Garner Oil Infused Micellar is fantastic for us dry ladies and gentlemen x

  8. Laneige Sleeping Masks for skin & lips are AMAZING. The lip mask is the only thing that helps with my dry, cracked, chapped lips. The face sleeping mask is just like the Belief mask & might be a bit cheaper for more product.

  9. Ooo so many picks I agree w/! Love the Loreal, Egg white, Pumpkin..Darn, I definitely have a few of the pricey ones you mentioned on my list. ;( 2 of my fav's, Manyo Factory Active Refresh Herb Peel off Amazon(think it's better than the Peter Thomas vrs.) & I'm from Honey. That one is gooood. BOTANIC FARM Grain Ferment Cleansing Sherbet is wonderful, Amazon. Taking makeup off & not giving me breakouts or black heads. I'm trying 2 get pre & probiotics in face care. Also many of my AHA's & BHA's in my face wash. Things like SkinMedica, COSRX. I only looked @ your face mask link once. It could be a problem 4 me. 😉 Looking forward to the best of video's you mentioned. Most grabbed 4 makeup! THNX

  10. Love the CeraVe! Between that and old-school Pond's Cold Cream (which I have like better than any other high-end "balm" makeup remover I've tried, but I'm not sensitive to the scent in there, so YMMV), I feel like my face gets clean without getting dehydrated. I'm still using micellar water on my eyes, but I don't have any particular under-eye dryness at the moment.

  11. I love that Peter Thomas Pumpkin mask so I tried a cheaper dupe by Andalou naturals from Ulta (not a lot cheaper really because you get less but still less money per ounce) and it is pretty good, I just stupidly left it on twice as long and it fired up my forehead. Other than that, it is really good if you follow the directions. I feel like a naughty child when I go against Dr. Drays's recs for silly expensive products- she is so logical and I just cannot help myself, I like the bougee stuff out of habit! I had the same experience with micellar waters but I was not washing them off- that helped me a ton, just using them as a first cleanse on my eyes then rinsing with a ton of water.

  12. I love micellar water, and am a repeat buyer of the Garnier pink cap formula. That being said, I don’t use it for my primary cleanse. I use L’Oréal Clean Artiste (green bottle) eye makeup remover, and then cleanse my face with whatever I’m using at the moment (most often Philosophy Purity Made Simple). I use micellar water as a final step.

  13. I agree that spending a lot on cleansers doesn't make sense. It's on for a few seconds then rinsed off. Spend the money on serums, moisturizers, masks. I love love Pacifica's skincare. Also e.l.f. has that new Hello Hydration moisturizer which is really nice.

  14. I really enjoy CeraVe with the exception of the Eye Cream in the tiny tube. My eyes balls are SUPER dry and so is the skin around my eyes. The "depuffing" component in the eye cream does not dry my skin but the depuffing component makes my eye balls feel miserably dry. Lol, cant win them all!! CeraVe cleansers, creams and lotions are affordable and readily available. Having a product in store, locally, means alot to me. The nearest Beauty Supply is a 45 minute drive in good traffic. Being a Full Time Grandma, means that my Granddaughters schedule takes priority over mine 💜. A hungry, tired, bored infant, could care less about a long drive followed by an shopping trip that also involves sitting 🙂

  15. These are fantastic products!! I just love your reviews ❤ I have to say your skin is glowing in this video😍You must do a grwm or atleast list all the products and skincare you used!! 😍😊❤ I've got to try that Belief sleeping mask too! Thanks Shelly 😘❤❤❤

  16. I enjoy your "Best of" videos. I have dry skin very similar to yours. Your recommendations are helpful to me!!😊 I have been using Cera've in my cleansing and moisturizing routine for years. It's a keeper!

  17. Yay! I have a sample of the Belief one b/c I got the Christmas gift pack that you recommended a few videos ago. I literally just finished putting it on right before you got to number 1🤗. Can't wait to see how my skin feels in the morning.

  18. Thanks for these "best of.." videos Shelly ! I keep going back to using olive oil as a cleanser a ( not daily , but several times a week) at my age it's actually helping my skin a lot , but at a younger age I don't think I could have used it as my skin was already oily( not anymore). Update on that Shisheido foundation I mentioned awhile back- at first it was awesome .. not so much now . I need to buy a different foundation this week . I don't know if I can blame the foundations.. it's just my skin🙄 (& age )

  19. hi, shelly! i've been using the simple cleanser and really like it but i do have a cerave cleanser that i haven't tried – i will give it a go. i do agree – there is something very satisfying about a peel off mask. i haven't used one in a very long time but thinking… hmmmmm.. need to get one. lol. love your eye look with the gorgeous green (at least it's green on my computer). hope you had an excellent monday and the following days are the same. take care and enjoy! ~k ps – i have no product list. did it van-ish?

  20. I love this video – I've got a ton of these products and absolutely agree with you. This past year, I discovered La Roche Posay Toleraine hydrating cleanser and I like it better than the CeraVe. A little more expensive, though not by a ton. Lasts a long time, though – I've had my bottle for about five months and it's still half full. (Or half empty, I suppose, depending on your outlook.)

  21. I have only tried one item so far, oh wait two so far from Glam Glow, and one is the mud mask, the other is the cleanser they had out. I agree I don't spend a whole lot on cleansers, I do want to try some more Tatcha. Have a good day xoxo <3

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