1. Keep staying positive! I've found that a couple serious injuries actually have helped me stay motivated running. After a couple 4-5 months stints of not being able to run a step without being in excruciating pain, it really made me realize how much I love running and I will now never skip a day running just because I am too tired or don't feel like it.

  2. Cool video, good luck with 2019, sounds like 2018 was difficult because you weren’t settled, it’s way harder to keep to your running routine when you’re not settled, takes a lot of energy worrying about what job you are going to do & where you are going to stay, don’t worry about body image, sometimes it’s good to just get back to remembering why you like running, at least once a week just run for the joy of it don’t worry about time pace or being competitive, 👍

  3. HECK YEAH EMMA!! Stay positive and continue to focus on other things other than body image. Although there’s always gonna be trolls out there, just know that most of us are very happy for you and don’t care about your physical appearance just as long as you’re happy and healthy! 😊❤️

  4. You are such an inspiration to myself and many other runners! You are amazing at what you do and 2019 is going to be great :)) As a runner myself your videos really get me motivated!

  5. Great video Emma! I enjoyed the recap of 2018 and the honest talk towards the end. Being true to who you really are and learning that the only opinion that matters is your own can make a huge difference. I’m excited for more 2019 content.

  6. Taking a brake from running is a good thing when you know you need a reset button…we all need to step back at times and evaluate the importance of the effort we put into whatever we do. Good for you for figuring it out…I also attack whatever I do with full force and then pay for it by burning out until I decided to do more effort based, which I find works better for me(prevents me from overtraining). Keep up the good work!

  7. Just because you dont look like a runner doesnt mean you look bad.
    Everyone gets lost in that mental spiral, you just kinda have to deal with it and dont use it as an excuse to not be yourself 🙂

  8. when i graduated college, i had a really really hard time (with loneliness and with body image). i could not figure out what i wanted. running in college and being a part of everything felt like my peak. it takes time to figure it out, but that's what your 20s are for. i'm now 27 and still finding my way, but getting there. running is just fun for me now!

  9. Ive been having the exact same issues with running and after stepping back form cross country and running for peace of mind and happiness just when i want to has felt so great and honestly i feel like i run more than when I am on a training program for XC!!! Keep it up love your channel, so relatable!!

  10. Emma you got this!! Getting into the habit of running whenever you want to and just using it as a stress reliever is amazing. You’re 2019 is going to be AMAZING and I can’t wait to follow along 💖

  11. I ran for KU in college and once I graduated I stopped running all together from burn out, moved, got a job, and got married all within 2 years. I struggled hardcore with finding motivation and setting goals in my life that didn't pertain to running. I had no hobbies outside of running. Now I run 2-3 times a week, I train for half marathons and run so incredibly slow but that's ok because I have new goals and something to work toward. I also have other hobbies but getting running back into my life in some capacity has been great. It's a big transition for anyone from college to the working world but especially hard for athletes who all of a sudden don't have the structure of training and eating well and sleeping enough and working towards something and then having that adrenaline and sense of accomplishment from competition. You do you Emma. I love watching your channel! Especially because runners at other schools like to know what life was like at Oregon 😉

  12. I freaking love how honest you are on here! I just got re-injured and I have found that maybe running was controlling my life, so this time away is serving me well. Best of luck for an amazing 2019, can't wait to watch it!

  13. I feel you! I did not run in summer/fall 2018, bc I thought I was putting too much pressure on myself, but it did not solve the problem at all, it just made everything worse… now I am back at it and I can finally eat and sleep right again. I am still struggling with my job and finding something that brings me joy on a long term, but I think that's normal for our age.
    Love your vlogs, keep them coming ❤

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