3 Things That Will Hold You Back From Success

Some things will make you rich. And some things will make you poor. In this video, Dan Lok reveals the 3 things that will hold you back from success. Enjoyed …


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  2. seriously ..by smoking you have no idea about how annoying you are to others(in case of india)
    people in the streets smoke .and when you try to walk through them you will hardly be able to breathe.
    and its so annoying.
    wonder if public smoking is allowed in foreign countries too.

  3. Dan
    Love you man and respect your leading by example. I will tell since I am a biochemist by degree that you want to avoid drinking Coke Zero because it has Aspartame as an artificial sweetener. Aspartame was originally developed as a neurotoxin. The chronic cumulative effect is detremental to your brain. Dr Martini has for years led a lobby to have it taken off the market. It is know to cause people to become Bipolar. Please research this. Please it is better to drink Lemon water or alkaline water.

  4. I absolutely agree with you. A lot of my friends smoking weed but I don't see a freaking point in doing it is you're 18. "Oh, I have a stresses here and there in my life". What are you even know about stress? This seems dull to me. They are making up the stories that it is not unhealthy or if weed is drug, then alcohol and cigarettes are also drugs. Yes, they are. I do none of these things, I never smoked cigarettes or weed and I'm not going to do it. Keep doing what you do Dan. We can change the world in a better way.

  5. Ok Dan I understand. I don't at all those three things ever!!! But but but I love SEX how about that!!! Even I'm 40 NOW but I love SEX!!! Tell me about that too please!!!

  6. Finally a successful business person who doesn’t drink or smoke. As someone who does not drink or smoke it can sometimes be awkward to not drink in the business world. Dan is 100% correct. Drinking and smoking is not worth it.

  7. I was put off drugs and heavy drinking and smoking from watching people who threw their lives down the toilet. They constantly complained, whined about how bad their lives were, their jobs were typical dead-end jobs where they didn't even spend the energy to better themselves, and I thought OH HECK NO!! Not for me. I would rather spend my money on better clothes/suits for myself, add a cut of my salary into an investment account, anything as long as it involves learning, healthy eating etc. As long as it benefits my moving forward to success like learning more from Sifu.

  8. Seeing peaple smoke and drink alcohol regularly there are not happy in there life , insecure and want to become cool to fit in society 🤔 you dont need alcohol to create good conversation and good times. 😎👌

  9. I do not smoke, drink, do drugs, and I rarely drink coffee. Thank you for being such a great influence! If folks can't have a good time without drugs then how can they ever have a good time in general?

  10. Dan Lok is an icon. A model to follow. The world need many of this shape. Good work and good advices!
    Personally, i don't drink, i don't smoke and i don't do drugs. I am only focused on change in better my life and make millions of dollars. Cheers from Italy Dan.

  11. %100 agree!!👍👍 unbelievable that someone else don't drink, don't smoke and don't do any type of drugs like me👍👍👍 yep none of those do any good to us, what do u get from smoking?!?! And also I drink green tea with honey👍👍👍

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