1. I'm vegan for 7 years now, never ever going back , like I swear I don't feel like losing anything and it only gets better and better.
    damn the black man is beautiful , couldn't resist saying it hahaha

  2. I am a vegan and TBH, I'm a bit upset at the fact that the vegan woman that is representing vegans is behaving very ignorant and rude. She came into this with the wrong intentions. Not to understand but to be understood. Isn't the project about understanding and empathy? A few times as well the other vegans had made themselves look kinda silly, which makes people think all vegans are silly. Please don't let this very small group of vegans put you off exploring veganism and asking vegans questions.I know sometimes there are meat eaters that love to just attack vegans but we can't treat all meat eaters as such. There are alot of us who just want to be kind to animals, be healthier and help the earth. What's wrong with that? 😇❤

    Feel free to reply back if agree or disagree.
    I'm not an angry person

  3. Every time we go backpacking inside and outside of California we always bring bear bags and other animal repellants. I think that guy with the bandana would also sign up for a prison reform vs. Hammurabi Code Middle Ground. Also, I think we found a socialist vegan feminist. Veganism is proven to cause health issues and vegetarian farms with their harvesters and other farm tools are big emission additions. Animal farms can be used for manure to grow produce as well.

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