Veganism Needs NPC Bots. Keto Sells Itself … Carneval

Veganism and it’s plant-based diet is being pushed on us constantly. TV programs, billboards, sponsored, and most likely fake, vegan channels on youtube all …


  1. It's so easy to spot the astroturf people. They have few followers, and drop the same links and cut and paste the same formulaic responses all day long. I think their main goal is to dispirit others. It's laughable.
    Thanks for the plug. I don't think I'll ever get used to having my old fat man pictures suddenly appear in my YouTube feed. I used to take great care to never show myself, but after seeing the extent of the BS that we're being fed regarding nutrition, and experiencing what it's like to be virtually reborn by ignoring the conventional wisdom, I say hell yes take a look at me and if you're suffering and feel trapped within the industrial food matrix join in the revolution and reclaim your health and vitality.

  2. It’s funny how vegans try desperately to put the burden of proof on us that a vegan diet isn’t nutritional adequate when they can’t name one family that has more than a single generation of vegan dieting let alone 20 years. Even McDougal hardly fell over and broke his hip like the twig he is yet they still tie strings to him and prop him up like a puppet as a ‘healthy example’ of a vegan dieter

  3. Look at this corpse on the right hahahahaha god it’s so sad that these suffering nut jobs are actually the leaders of the health aspects of the vegan diet while all the leaders of the ethical aspects are straight out of prison. Just useful idiots

  4. The thing that bothers me the most is they can waste away literally to almost nothing and not even notice how sick they are. The fat guy you showed in the beginning? That's not healthy either. But, if you're dying like this one man you show,, and you don't even know? What's happening to your brain? The vegan thing is completely Industrial. It's as fake as it gets. I wonder if they're putting something in those powders other than vegetables.

  5. You have to make a video about this new scam. They want to take away peoples right to eat meat but it's to " save the planet" they see people are waking up and finding out that this high plant high carb shit is killing them so now they want to force u to not eat meat. This is so fucking currupt. This is a very important thing to talk about they want to control are fucking diet.

  6. Daphne Reloaded helped me find you, nice to have another sane minded, logical human being to listen to at work, i used to be vegan, fruitarian, raw, bla bla bla, its honestly a mental illness, straight up delusional mental programming based on guilt paranoia, propaganda and false doctrine's. I'm so glad it only lasted a couple of years before i snapped the fuck out of it, and apologised to all the people I attacked, judged, and berated.

  7. Bro, you forgot to mention that McDougall shattered his bones in May of 2016 as a result of a fall accident in his bedroom ….LOL LOL ….and still hasn't recovered from it. Has anyone noticed that he can't even stand on his own anymore ?
    LOLMAO vegan diet!!!!!

  8. Quite often the vegan athlete thing goes like this-person eats meat for 30 years, becomes vegan for 8 months and then becomes a poster boy for vegans. Also people are naive af if they think pro athletes arent using steroids.

  9. The only 'wow' I can say about the vegan diet is this: 'Wow, this thing nearly killed me", lol! XD
    No amount of copy-pasted vegan-propaganda-based comments will convince me to start thinking otherwise. I have payed a heavy price following it, and I will never forget it.

  10. Thank you for making a video about this. So stupid, I learned my lesson in my second anti vegan video. Screw em, block em. They aren't there for discourse or a real discussion anyway. You are hilarious!!!

  11. Veganim is a dangerous cult to our society. They refuse to acknowledge the Empirical Evidence in order to promote their ideology. Even if you place the Empirical Evidence under their noses they won't acknowledge it because it debunks their ideology. Instead, they rely on appeals to authority which is fraudulent and paid for those who have their snouts in the trough of wealth

  12. As far as I know plant based diet can lead to heal diseases of civilization. We have vegetative nervous system and plant based diets work in certain way. But there are a lot of problems with eating plants. It might be good for 1-3 years. Obviously you can find 25 year vegans but you never know if they are trully 100% plant eaters. Best option for us is fat and animal protein. No doubt that we are predators. Good video Carneval!

  13. fam I sent you a message on twitter about a really interesting vegan story, I cant say it publicly at this point though
    twitter blocked me from sending messages to people that dont follow me, but I managed to send a few before it got locked let me know if you didnt get it.

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