Trump Ignores U.S. Allies, Leaves The Iran Deal

Trump formally announced his decision to exit the Iran nuclear agreement, despite contrary advice from the United States’ top allies. Subscribe To “The Late …


  1. These guys are so ignorant of what is actually going on in the world , relying totally on what snippets of news their writers feel is worthy of mentioning based solely on it's comedic and ridicule value. Not a good way to stay informed. The audience , no better informed , getting their "news" from internet scources titter along mindlessly to unfunny dialogues simply because they feel it is a way of rebellion . Late night comedy is no longer but we all know that. The dangerous part is , these lemmings are of voting age . Barely. God help us. I expect to get some genius reply in a respectful , thoughtful way that I get off on fucking my dead mother while sucking my own dick while licking a dead dogs ass in front of my little sister . Or something just as maturely profound. It 's the only way they respond. No discussion . No room for another opinion." Fuck this , fuck that, fuck you for talking , fuck you for getting in my space. I need a space free of hate! " "NO HATE SPEECH! WE HATE HATE SPEECH! WE HAVE PEACEFUL WAYS OF CLUBBING THOSE WHO USE HATE SPEECH! "

  2. I won't listen to this punk.

    Iran and North Korea are Putin proxies scheming with him to annihilate the populations of the USA and China by successive thermonuclear EMP and neutron bomb attacks.

    Iran and North Korea would suffer any residuary retaliation from sea, air, space and American allies. This would be a small part of American retaliatory power, but still enough to destroy these two small countries many times over. Russia would be the sole remaining superpower, precisely the point of Putin’s genocidal machinations.

    The Iran nuclear deal was void ab initio for fraud in the inception by Iran's despotic Arabic rulers and the queer communist Quisling pretender Barack Hussein Obama II d.o.b. 4 August 1961. The continued nuclear arms development by the Iranian leadership is an existential threat to the United States of American. Those who breach sanctions against it are mortal enemies of the USA – and Iran and North Korea.

    When the Persian people fully realize that their Arabic rulers are dragging them into a war that will destroy them, they might rise up against their rulers and change them. They might even use this analysis to garner support from the current establishment for this movement, especially when nudged by effective sanctions. Amicable relations with America and the rest of the world might then be re-established.

    Meanwhile, the assets of Rouhani and Khamenei should be blocked under President Trump's 21 December 2017 Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.

  3. Cobert. This guy should stick to his comedy, and avoid politics; he's not informed enough to make commentary. If Trump sees a trade deficit with China, he addresses it – and he should. A problem with NK, he addresses it, and that is in the beginning stages too. With the Iran deal, he is preventing nuclear terrorism via proxy (Hamas agents), and is addressing it – we have not seen nuclear terrorism; just the way we had never seen 9/11 aerial attack. 9/11 chosen because of its historical precedent; 300+ years earlier 1683; the siege of Europe by Muslims, and the successful fall of Vienna by Muslim hordes. Until that fateful day (9/11); whereupon the Islamists later on, wanted to build a Mosque near ground zero to commemorate the 'victory/martyrdom' – just as in the ''Dome of the Rock'' . The treaty of Hudaybiyyah – in Islamic lore; Muhammad invades Mecca two years after signing a peace treaty with the Meccans. Thus, for critics to assume Trump knows poorly…they just don't know anything; that is bad for them, and for everybody else.

  4. I voted for Trump but truth is I was wrong about him. He is a Israeli prostitute just like all the other US President's since Kennedy. Iran has never wanted Nuclear weapons as they find it reprehensible and an afront to God. Once again the US Media are the whores of Israeli propaganda, lies, & deception. I'm not voting for Trump, Killary,, or any other AIPAC bootlickers, EVER. We all should do the same. Thats how we change the world for the better. Iran & North Korea are targeted because they are not a member of the Rothchild Central Banks. Thats what MSNBC, FOX and the rest of the highly paid propagandist's wont tell you.

  5. Stop provoking a war! Let's get back to basics and focus on import and export. Stabilize the economy more and promote trades. There are plenty of possibilities instead of provoking a nuclear war.

  6. Donald Trump has committed what will go down as one of the greatest acts of self-sabotage in America’s modern history. He has put the United States on a path towards war with Iran and may trigger a wider regional war and nuclear arms race.

  7. Where did Jew slaves get the gold to make a huge golden cow idol. Answer during the night of freedom they robbed and murdered entire Egyptians families millions dead its why in the morning pharaoh who freed them hours earlier chased them with his army. Then these worlds first terrorists. Murdered everyone and animal from red sea to babel and Palestine

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