This Is What Life Is Like Under Sharia Law | VICE on HBO

In Aceh, Sharia rules all. In this Indonesian province, hardliners began enforcing Islamic law in the wake of the devastating 2004 tsunami that killed more than …


  1. The Isis supporter felt like he was kinda generalising Muslims like I’m gay and almost every Muslim I know are kind and friendly people not what he wants

  2. This is one of the most biased videos I've seen from you guys. Prove why your values are right or just give us an objective view while not commenting on everything that doesn't agree with you.

    ex. Relationships outside of marriage is a huge sin in islam and is seen as immorality. These people making sure and reminding the people to do good is not seen as a bad thing to me or anyone there, but its not to you, and to be frank I don't care what you think if you statement has no truth behind it. I like the production value of these videos, and I am sure there are things that are genuinely unjust in the country, but you are really putting your other videos into prospective for me and I'm not sure if I can even trust anything else on this channel.

  3. @warriors woman Just because they are civilise and respect the laws of those countries makes you think that they are happy. Pity for you as you have a very small mind. Secondly, whose says they are not happy in those Muslim countries. It seems you haven't been any of those Muslims countries before the war so makes no wonder why you talke like that. I personally invites you and everyone in here to Islam as it is the only religion from the heaven and the only religion god chosen for mankind and the only religion of all the messengers including Jesus and Moses. It calls you to worship your Lord, Allah the only Lord of mankind. This life is a journey and our destination is in the grave. Have no doubt whatever we have of wealth, health and children will come to an end sooner or later. This is not the real life its enjoyment is small and it length is short. I invites you to Islam, there is no God worthy of worship accept Allah alone and he has no partner in worships or in the kingdom of the heavens and earth. He sent his messenger Mohamed to the Arabs, non Arabs, to the rich and to poor to call us to Worship Allah alone. Read the quran and seek forgives from your Lord surely he is the oft forgiving. Peaces be upon whoever follows the guidiance.

  4. Note for all viewers>> this only happens in some countries and the Sharia law does not apply in every Muslim country, like in Jordan this law doesn't apply and people wears ripped jeans, crop tops etc. A lot of people get the wrong idea of Islam, and Islam is peace it's just Isis and other sources give you a wrong idea of it and FYI I'm not really the best Muslim "model" like I don't pray, anyway I have nothing against this documentary I just wanted to tell you this, no hate pls😪🌝 lol bye


    The Ottoman Empire was governed by different sets of laws during its existence. The Kanun a secular legal system, co-existed with religious law or Hanafi school of Islamic jurisprudence.[1][2] Legal administration in the Ottoman Empire was part of a larger scheme of balancing central and local authority.[3] Ottoman power revolved crucially around the administration of the rights to land, which gave a space for the local authority develop the needs of the local millet.[3] The jurisdictional complexity of the Ottoman Empire was aimed to permit the integration of culturally and religiously different groups.[3]

  6. Hagar was an Egyptian slave of Abraham, with him had a son with name Ishmael, all the descendants and his followers are slaves for all the eternity , Jesus Christ, the Messiah, came to the world to free who accepts Him, but Mohamed condemns to death anyone who wants to release , that is why it is a religion harmful to humanity.

  7. Vice : Gay people are opressed over their orientation, women have no rights, you can get arrested for talking to a woman or wearing western clothes.
    Also Vice : Muslims are the most opressed yet tolerant religion of peace. We need to invite them to us, and not make them adapt to our lifestyle, but it's we who should accept things like not being able to sell pork or alcohol in Muslim densely populated in Europe. White people bad and bigoted, Donald Trump bad racist and homophobe.
    Don't anyone else see some inconsistency? Muslims stand for exact opposite of progressive values, yet sjw consider them opressed wailing who need to be defended. We are forced to accept their intolerance, bigotry, regressive religion and hateful beliefs, and there is no chance they would accept a gay man or someone who smokes weed in their Muslim majority countries.

  8. in case you know before commenting is , it’s different in every state in indonesia, i live in indonesia and we can wear what we want. and also lgbtq community is not allowed in indonesia because the majority of indonesia is Muslims

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