1. Great video Jeff! I've learned a lot from your videos and have incorporated some of the concepts into my training. My bench has improved a lot since then! It was also actually fun to watch you guys run errands lol.

  2. dude prickly pear is super food… refrigerate them but first lop and top them slice a cut in the skin from top to bottom then peel open place in the fridge eat later… chew the seeds… enjoy

  3. Hey Jeff, had a question about pre exhaustion. On my push days, i always start with OHP as i want to get it stronger, and also find it is way weaker after bench then bench is after OHP. That said, bench, and in particular Incline bench is pretty weak after OHP. If i do chest flies after the OHP, before incline press, would it help to make my chest weaker, and therefore the limiting factor on incline bench (taking front delts out of the movement) or would it cause the shoulders to take over as they are now stronger relative to chest. (more bodybuilding goals on chest compared to strength)

  4. At 2:27 Jeff wastes his time. He has recruited his lats, sternum muscles, erector spinae and glutes to do a "chest" exercise by mimicking "power lifters." And Jeff puts crazy forces on his shoulder joints the whole time.

    The load is too much for Jeff's pecs to handle. Even using the bench, which is a cheat, if Jeff positioned the bar over his belly button rather than his arm pits, Jeff could activate more of his pecs. But his ego wouldn't like it because likely he couldn't lift but 10% of his typical workout bench weight.

    At 3:59, Jeff blathers about correlation between pec size and 1-rep max strength. Correlation isn't causation and all he has said is that guys with developed pecs can lift more on average than guys with undeveloped pecs.

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