1. Hey chef b an dope boi ✌🏼❀️what do u use for cleaning your rooms what u think is best,I think keeping it clean is 1key factor peace βœŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸŒ±β€οΈπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§an that's a bright man πŸ’₯

  2. if you have enough clones then it makes sense to eliminate veg time..i grew 12/12 from seed for years but 12/12 clones work too.the secret is a 30 litre pot and a good root ball in veg..keeps the plants low..i used to root the tops and just flower the cola but sea of green is gonna give the fattest buds.

  3. One more thing.Man I think you and your son growing together is the coolest thing since sliced bread. ANYTHING to spend time with him is wonderful. I grow with my son and it is some of the best times I have been fortunate enough to spend with him. We get out together and while we are working in the garden it seems like we always have good conversations. I really love spending time with my son. And I'm sure you are glad to be able to spend that special, father and son. You guys have hit on something here. You watch and see, you are going to inspire other father and sons to do the same.This might ,, to me ,, be one the best videos I've seen of yours. You not only share grow knowledge with us, but now are sharing some real life knowledge and love for plants and son. LoL You're a cool cat Chef. Thank you for ALL you do for us. Peace and love be with you for ever.

  4. Alright chef I have asked this question 12 a dozen times from. 1/2 a dozen people and haven't gotten a response yet. I know you will answer. So here it is. I was given 3 lights from a very good friend. He happened amongst them from Amazon. Its called a sol gro led and it says on back ,,,,, 274×3 watts. What does that mean? That it's 3 watts per light? And therefore approximately 822 watts. I've never grown indoors, have grown outdoors for over 40 years

  5. Thank You BOTH Cant wait to see the New Light up and Running… And would the DOPE BOI Shirts and Hoodies be 4 sale if so Where would someone Purchase ?? Thank You Both Love your Videos !! CHEF , you stay STRONG Sir and Love the New SMILE Thanks to your New RACK..

  6. How min UV are within this light looks good for the flower stage should work well in your tent or hung in a room prob about 4 – 6 plants in 8' x 4' space I am not to big of a fan of china and there lights
    there quality is good but even Mars had problems unless there the new CRE there ballast run relay hot and 1 fan does not seem like much for the construction but i will be interested to see the performance and if you truly think its worth the 5 bills you payed for it it may do fine but over the long hall will it hold the test of time.. would be good for a little closet grow or something..

  7. Hey man like the new teeth! Good for you! Hang in there you’ll get use to them. Hey you guys said look up Cannabis TV on instagram that doesn’t help to find your page. I could only find you at @chefderekbutt
    Great video once again, nice job.

  8. Hey Chef and Dope Boi. Looking good Chef B! …keep doing what your douing. nCould i ask for your instagram names so i could follow you guys. Thanks. Stay safe Ferel good.

  9. Yeah I been enjoying that super lemon haze from green house. I grew two females this year and had two separate phenos , that when dried turned out to be pretty much the same terps and buzz anyway. I'ts a great day time buzz. really uplifting

  10. If its a trip to humpty dumpty mars, a Glance, for brief, and then a long wait on the light, the light. A sort of aptitude, and then a stable light, same process, a sort of aptitude again,,,understandable..

  11. I like that light as a red shit for its pillow of 2 Mario Candy, it looks gross brite for 300 W, and those Books,,,I will buy books that Cannabis Helps or Willing to work with: Cooking,,,Nice Teeth!

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