The Cannabis Revolution | Why the pendulum is swinging in 2020.

What are your thoughts on cannabis markets? Are you optimistic or bearish? Feel free to leave a comment below! Thank you all so much for watching the video.


  1. I think there is a strong case for rec marijuana to be entirely legalized in Mexico this year, news may be coming soon. Canada already did so. I think shortly NA will become the worlds largest legal mj market, as it will surely accelerate things in the US

  2. Very well said. You recently spoke about tokenizing assets and The idea of being able to invest in a start up at a low level using a crypto currency possibly. The whole crypto space is very similar to this cannabis analysis's you did. Maybe you could do a crypto pros and cons and all the forces and money against it. Can it ever succeed? Its the same paradox that all the legislation and money seems to be against it what will shift the Pendulum in favor of crypto? At some point maybe the money needs to come from the crypto developers into a massive lobbying effort. Unfortunately that means somebody has to get paid at a regulatory level so how do you see this all playing out because crypto eliminates all the middle men doesn't that? How can it ever succeed?

  3. I've been wondering when you would finally talk about this BOOMING market instead if your uranium play, crypto, or whatever else. Thank you for finally getting too it although you're very late on this topic. More videos on this subject are overdue and will be greatly valued by your subscribers, so we'll be looking forward to more marijuana industry content in the near future from you Christopher… Thank you for all that you do.

  4. 1) California is going back to the streets because taxes are way too high. In fact California fell way short of its goal last year that it set for itself….. 2) I'm going to a local event later today that is still under the prop 215 act and will be tax free still. until our county passes out retail licenses and permits we still get to act under prop 215 NOT the adult use act of California. 3) herb = FINE WINE ( or it can be by small craft farmers) and you non smokers have to get this through your head. large scale factory farming will never equal the quality of some of the small batch craft farming we have in Northern California and proof is right here…… 4) Colorado is basically a monopoly of 4-5 companies all growing basically crap for herb because there all about quantity not quality and because of this they now outsource and companies from cali now sell to stores in Colorado, and its usually only the really REALLY good stuff that Colorado wants from cali. basically taxes are too high in cali, not the rest of the country but their forcing cali to go back to the streets eventually and good quality herb will be more and more scarce over time do to regulation because only so few will be legally allowed to grow and if you get that luxury of getting a permit, the market will dictate you grow for the masses instead of growing for quality because you'll make more money that way. I've seen a 20-25 dollar 8th on the streets go for 60-70 in the shops…… disgusting if you ask me and thats not progress at all

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