The BEST Supplements I Use For Gaining Muscle

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  1. so did he mention the roids in his supplement list orrrrrr
    and how many of these supplements do u solely take to try and reduce the negative effects steroids can have on ur body (not that any supplements can really do that)

  2. 100% did roids. I always just watched the video from a year ago and couldn’t recognize this person now. Sign of roids is voice lowering and he has this signed so extremely just after a year it actually sounds like a different person. But don’t take away anything from him he’s done VERY hard work and solute him to the max

  3. Just come across your vids (second one i watched). Congrats on getting over an addiction, even though you might not see it as one. Its not an easy thing to do, i was an alcoholic for 10 years (4 years dry now). I turned to bodybuilding that day i stopped and never looked back, addictive personality lol so now thats my thing. I did roids for a while but they just made me mega aggressive, i did them cos when i came off booze i was 7stone (im 5ft11) so bulked up fast. Came off them and now just weighted calisthenics. Great shape by the way, keep up the good work bro!

  4. Wtf ive seen you before and just got recomended your video about the truth about getting shredded for no reason and you look nothing like that anymore. I couldnt tell it was you at all and your voice is also way different

  5. WOAH. Dude I just watched your “The ugly truth about shredding” or something like that and 2 years later your voice is DEEP and looks like you’ve gained some weight lol. I imagine you squat like what 5000lbs?

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