The BEST Instant Pot Fall Soups! Dump and Go Recipes – Perfect for Beginners

We all know that eating soup in the fall is a must! But, making the soup in the Instant Pot just makes everything SO MUCH EASIER! If are tight on time, then you …


  1. Hi! I have not gotten an instapot yet but I think I will be. I'm just one person but I might cook for my sister and myself. Since we've gotten older we don't eat as much so I'm wondering if I should get a smaller instapot and if you have recipes for smaller amounts?

  2. Many people have food storage items on hand for emergencies; canned chicken might be one of those items, or a pantry item on hand in case you have to fix a meal in a hurry because of unexpected guests, etc. Food storage has to be rotated to keep useable. This is a good way to use, JMO. I love dollar carrot slices, so that’s what I’ll use.

  3. Hello thank you for your delicious recipes and videos. I have a new instant pot but I haven’t used it yet. It is a IP Duo . It doesn’t have a Manuel button. What do I use in this case? Thank you.

  4. I just found this channel after getting my instant pot for Christmas. You're a total lifesaver when it comes to figuring out how to work it! Also hello from the Modesto area! Were about 2hours south of you!

  5. Great. Made the 7 can soup twice, but the second time I didn't have many of the ingredients on hand and I think the second soup came out better and richer. Here is what I did have on hand and used instead: 8 pure beef uncured hot dogs, cut in bite-size pieces. 1 can white cannellini beans, 1 can chick peas, 1 can corn, 1 can mixed vegetables (with liquid), 1 DOUBLE can of stewed tomatoes, 3 cups beef broth, 1 24 oz. container of beef bone broth, spices, flour. I didn't have enchilada sauce, so I looked up the recipe and it called for sauteing a little flour with spices and then adding tomato juice. I sauteed flour and spices and then just added the double can of stewed tomatoes which I was using anyway. Put in all the cans I had, looked up the recipe for taco seasoning and added all the spices individually. Used 8 qt. Ultra. Amazing taste.

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