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  1. OMG Your going to make me cry..and this is why I call you an Earth Angel a warrior for the sick..God Bless you ..Pray this knocks this boys Cancer out of his little body..I am praying too..

  2. Hi sister, cancer has just skyrocketed in the last several years, at my age now I look back and I really can't ever remember one person with it.. never really even heard of it and this was in San Francisco Bay Area, it truly is sickening what we must go through in this world! God Bless you dear Rebeccah, Thank You for your caring heart for all and the kindnesses you have shown me.

  3. You're Awesome! Yes…Rockefeller Chemo…caused my Mom more cancer lumps…all over her head before she died. I begged her not to do the chemo… Graviola, apricot kernal, Llysine (epstein bar virus hinders) Awesome that you make this! You're very educated! Wha t ca wonderful person you are.

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