1. In my high school days some of the popular kids decided to give my math teacher a edible weed brownie and she was baked in 15 minn she had to call out sick because she could not think properly shit was funny but I also felt bad for her she was a cool math teacher and a alice in wonderland fanatic but yeah thats a story

  2. Nah bro I'm not gonna smoke any drug fuck no I dont want fucking do it even if my girlfriend tells me no fuck no If for some fucking reason I smoke I'm gonna legit not kidding I'll kill my self 😐

  3. Fixing up a joint while listening to this. Been commenting on your vids today like crazy so my bad lol but this is funny af and I agree. Everyone should try it at least once.

  4. I remember the first and only time I've smoked. I remember I was with freshman friends while I'm in 8th grade. I didn't really want to hit anything or take a puff and I didn't end up doing it. Anyways, my friends Robert puts the pipe in my face and goes "Fuck it, I'm peer pressuring this shit". 🤣 Still laugh at it now.
    Edit:They did blow shit in my face tho.

  5. easiest way for a bucket suck or gravity bong you all it. 1.5L soda bottle. make sure its made from hard plastic. easier to suck through. Than on top you make a whole. in the lid of the bottle you make a hole. big enough for your joint. Than you get a bucket or any other big tub that can at least handle the full 1.5L bottle. Than cut the bottom off the bottle. fill the bucket or what ever you have for the half with water. put in the bottle with the joint in the hole in the lid that you screwed up on the bottle. pull the bottle up slowly out of the bucket and let it fill with smoke. than take the lid of the bottle and put your mouth on the opening of the bottle. push the bottle down and done. tons of smoke in your lungs and you are high as fuck. nice to do if you are a teenager

  6. Gravity bong is originally called a bucket suck. Anyway i am dutch and the only way i learned to smoke was a normal stanard joint. like a good dutch joint. and i still smoke them till this day. smoking weed for 16 years now. time flies lol

  7. I won’t ever fu-oof smoke anything, kiddo. Unless you plan to use it as actual medical treatments.
    Also don’t do this shit if you’re under 18-20 years old, DONT FUCKING DO IT. Your brain might not develop properly.
    Also don’t do it if weed is illegal like in sweden. Yeah, in sweden its illegal even as medicine its mostly illegal. Weird.

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