1. That first few seconds…wow. I like that man already. Damn this is sad. Preston is a man I wish I had as a father. I truly hope these people all prove their doctors wrong and live for a long time.

    FUCK CANCER! Like if you agree.

  2. My mom has cancer and I often think of her last day and can’t even imagine my life without her. I literally cannot think of what my days on this earth will be when she is no longer around. Her cancer isn’t technically terminal yet so we’re still seeking treatment and I hate to say this but I would rather my last day come before hers. I’m so selfish in that way but I don’t know how to change it. This video was fun and sweet but I don’t think I could do something like this with her.

  3. The question: “Let's take a bet on how much longer I have left to live” was written by someone who is missing the normal emotion chip… someone who doesn't connect to people, and was not capable of seeing how clearly off the mark that question was…either that, or the question writer is just a real, super a**hole.

  4. This is pretty sick. Really, using people in these situations for views? And making bets for when they will die? Disgusting. I'm glad the people in this video seem happy, but that doesn't change the fact that this channel is exploiting these people. It's awful, not going to watch any more of these.

  5. good relations between each family, i hope there's a continuation to life after death because i can't see any different, this video is sad and you do learn from it, i hope the world just stops for a min and show love to there families that are gone and still here, it will make you feel better.

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