1. Thanks Dan always look forward to your commentary and analytics thanks!! Been trading ACB lots every day good trades. Friday i bought the bottom and let it ride. might see were it goes from hear next week.

  2. Thanks Dan 🙂 good advice on the tinctures, especially the mushroom. I forage wild mushrooms and make all of these tinctures. Reishi is another one you should try, while Chaga is King of the mushrooms, Reishi is Queen 🙂 keep up with all those good things 😉

  3. Dan, do you take any nootropics??? I'm surprised I didn't see any Lion's Maine in there. I firmly believe magic mushrooms will be the next Cannabis sector in a couple of years! you should come to Chattanooga some day!

  4. Stop talking about CGC 12Billion company with negative net income. I don't care about sales or gross. It is like I am buying a restaurant for $50million with 500k rev but my net profit is -100k. If I buy a business I expect 20yrs breakeven. All this big market cap need to prove their earning for awhile.

  5. Hey Dan, what do you think about tgod and acrzf? They've have a bit of bull volume recently. Your course on entries and exits helped me come to the same conclusions on acb and apha, thank you! I've been taking your advice looking at other sectors for opportunity and man what a rabbit hole! Haha

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