1. AMD consistently is one of the top highest volume stocks every day and is fairly cheap – LULU doesn’t even come close in volume , to answer your question why I never trade LULU lol

  2. What a trooper you are Dan. Hope you feel better.

    Noticed a huge correlation in $CGC to the $SPY yesterday with that algo pump from the positive tarif news which pushed $CGC to the HOD of $44.40 and then the subsequent $SPY dump shortly after at 2:50PM. The magnitude of the $CGC dump at the end of the day was even more correlated IMO…also right down to the minute with $SPY.

    My trades were very well executed today and I accurately locked in profits as I went along at key levels and kept stop-losses moving. I am grateful for that drop from $42 pre-market all the way down to $40.80 and proud of myself for acting quickly and dumping my losing short position from Tuesday for only a $.10 loss at the dip at the open. Not bad considering it was a $1.00 loss at the previous close. That day of holding and squirming was punishment enough and a reminder for me to cut my losses early with an emotionless pre-set stop-loss. Was then able to make a decent entry in a long position @ $40.50. Patiently road that all the way to $43.70 (just $.25 from the then HOD). Then initiated a short at $43.76 and covered @ $43.10. Then went long again from $43.36 and exited @ $44.25. Would have gone short again at the end of the day, but my broker had no shares available. All in all, an exceptional day I'd have to say!

    Loved the waterfall footage and the accompanying music…very serene and soothing. I would have to guess that is from Iceland?

  3. Dan is there a reason I’m particular that you never trade AMD ?? Been following you along time and never heard you mention it once that I can recall

  4. Skogafoss!! Iceland is such a majestic and special place. Hope you had the chance to camp and travel the entire ring road around the country. If you could please do an analysis of GTII it would be very much appreciated. Thank you !!

  5. Thanks Dan for continuing to make these videos when your clearly not feeling well! I look forward to your videos everyday and really appreciate your insight and analysis.

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