1. I am all for the legalization of it , but is so wrong. There needs to be zones for the growing not any warehouse. You can not just run out local businesses, it affects the local economy. Getting your car repaired at a fair price is right.

  2. In So.Cal. right before it became legal, growers heavily backed by investors were buying huge pieces of land in eastern San Bernardino & Riverside counties to build their mega warehouses for grow operations. Colorado has a problem with organized crime in the business. They even found the Russian mob there buying up land to grow weed. I gotta give it to you small business owners, especially in California. Way over regulated. Even with all the money they are pouring into legal weed, it can all be shut down any day by the feds. Federal law trumps state law.

  3. Any thoughts about going mobile? You obviously wouldn't be pulling engines or transmissions, but I'm sure people would pay a premium for the services that you could offer while mobile.

  4. Is it just a zoning law not to have a shop on the main strip or in town?Or do you have to have a shop in an industrial zone? If you have to have it in an industrial zone you might want to talk to the other mechanics to go in together and get your own building. Now that i think about it, OC mechanic (has a youtube channel also) works in a complex also, and i think he is in Cali (Orange county)also. He seems to have a good buisness sense, and has a community of other buisness owners that get together to bring ideas together and brainstorm to make more money and better buisness ideas and to help support eachother. You may want to look at his page to see if he has anything interestiing for you to look at or maybe even contact him.

  5. Bryan Im sure Corona and the Ontario area is going through the same issues. They have a lot of warehouses like you have and all those small businesses will have to raise their prices to pay the rent. It sucks. 🙁

  6. That's just business weather in have been marijuana or some other kind of company the price of Rent All Over California is gone up I have personally left because of this and now reside in another state.

  7. Wow that sucks. I'm sure no one was expecting the repercussions of the new industry, because they should have came up with a new zone (Indoor agricultural) or something. Then could have controlled locations of said businesses.

  8. I personally don't think it's any employer's business what the employee does outside of work, as long as they show up and do their job well. I look at smoking marijuana as less harmful than drinking alcohol, and slowly society is coming around to that as well instead of seeing it as "dope that kills your brain cells and makes you stupid".

    I frankly don't see how someone can argue against marijuana being legal, I understand not PERSONALLY liking it and not wanting to do it yourself, but why on earth do you care if your employee goes home and smokes a joint more than if they go home and drink a couple beers?

    I think in the legal states their should be a clause in the legislation that says employers can't fire employees for using LEGAL drugs, provided it hasn't effected their work/performance (i.e. coming to work high, etc.) Employers want too much control over employees private lives, and as marijuana becomes more and more accepted I think employers will be forced to adopt this attitude in order to survive, find employees and stay in business. Employers control what you do AT WORK, not every aspect of your personal life!

    Basically, your complaining about changing times and progress and trying to fight it, good luck with that! NEWSFLASH PEOPLE, prices ARE NOT going to go down in the future, they're only going to go UP!

    Think positively about what legal marijuana has done for your state. It's brought in tons of tax revenue, it's stopped tons of money being WASTED to bust and jail people for using marijuana, and it's provided a legitimate, tax paying job that more people can do.

  9. Hopefully these videos help with your business much like word of mouth, that's sad looking the places you showed, next will be more pawn shops , dollar stores and bail bonds places , mandatory drug screen for any govt. assistance if you cant pass a drug screen or lose your job because you failed one, that's your choice, thanks Bryan and Des for being the good examples of hard work and living right!

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