Kitchen Nightmares US [Season 6 Episode 16] “Amy’s Baking Company”

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  1. I just watched 8 Minutes of this episode and Im shocked…. calling the police because people wanna leave without paying for the food they never got? Just… Wow…. never seen something like that in this show yet. o_0
    Okey, I watched the whole episode now and I am even more shocked that people are even able to behave like this. Why even running a restaurant?

  2. Okay, Amy, I know you're lurking.

    1. You fired someone who was double checking what order she was taking. You're a fucking bitch. Katie just asked you a question.
    2. Then when Gordon asked you a question… "He asked me as questionnnnn no one ever lets me talk!"
    3. You cut off her money supply. What if she desperately needed rent? And you told her not to cry? It's so clear she was about to have a panic attack.
    4. I truly hope you can't serve food anywhere ever again.

  3. Hi Amy. Hopefully this comment helps you expand your view of things for juuuust a moment. Though you receive WAVES of negative comments and critique (some constructive and insightful), I do beleove that you DO possess some strengths. Gordon Ramsay at the start complemented the restaurant. A fool would say your restaurant was ugly. Its beautiful. So you have that capacity to own an eye catching business of taste and decadence. You ALSO receieved gold stars for the display case chock full of pastries and cakes and desserts. Youve been blessed with a gift to bake and if anything possibly be a good pastry chef (pizza crust aside for now). So you have THAT talent. You also possess exceptional food presentation skills(aside from the ravioli that i wont bring up for the sake of saving an argument). So you pay great attention to detail in that aspect although it is very time consuming for you. I would suggest with all that; why not just stick to what you ARE great at. Own a bakery that specializes in desserts and pastries? Make all of your product come out with a guarantee of great and positive feedback in a beautiful bakery. Hell. Add breakfast as an option! And keep it only open for breakfast and dessert/cake/pastry orders. Open the doors to the smell of fresh cakes and muffins. Take special orders that you can take your time with and give that attention to detail to check and triple check what is sent out. Cookie cat lady who sells crumpets and cupcakes and cozy confections. I mean come on. Sell what you can sell. And if speed isnt your thing, then take your time. Work off of a reservation and order system. Also tip your servers. Please. Its rude not to. If not abhorrent. And try to listen to all feedback. I promise its only to benefit and help you grow. And stop fighting back to people qho intentionally try to get a rise out of you. you make yourself an easy target and give this video more attention. You have a super short fuse. you cannot deny that. and you refuse to accept criticism. thats no way to go in life. Just try. And work with what youve got.

  4. “I prayed and god sent him” haha 😂 yup knew it typical vile bat shit crazy Christian… “god wants me to cook” priceless god cares more about shit food then saving dying babies.. typical selfish Christian..

  5. I am going to culinary school and it's these people that scare me. Not Ramsay, not even Sammy. That bitch wth the blonde hair is what scares me in the culinary field. Critisism about food is absolutely 100% necessary from all people. Especially those that have more experience in the field, thier opinion is like a 3 and guest/customer is a 1. You hold their opinion higher because they know more, but you still need to remember it isn't about them. Anything in the hospitality field is about customer and it's your job to privide something thar customer wants. People like Ramsay can show you ideas.

  6. You can't tell someone with severe narcissistic personality disorder and probably histrionic too, they fucked up. They are pretty well incapable of hearing it. He doesn't know how much he is playing with fire here.

  7. Worst restaurant owners in history .. it is literally shocking how bad the behavior is from the owners to the customers and to
    the staff. The food looks disgusting not even suitable for dog food.
    Is her husband a sugar daddy ????

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