Jordan B Peterson: The Unbelievable Power of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is much, much more than just a craving… *********************************************************************** Ramble’s Books to Read Before You …


  1. Alcohol will in a way "cast you from heaven", more in the sense of "caste" in the form of societal hierarchy. People who drink in excess and do drugs are often the people that populate the lower echelons of society and some by choice and some not. In today's society, instead of being physically scarred for doing a bad deed (often under the "possession" of drugs or alcohol) will be arrested and put on a list that excludes them from most opportunities to advance themselves. It would seem that today's world is becoming more analogous to the old one where drugs and alcohol are just as prevalent as the amount of law enforcement that are licking their chops to get you. One run in with them and you can kiss your little paper mache life goodbye.

  2. Adderal (mixed amphetamine salts) is exactly the same as methamphetamine from a biological standpoint, and it's used to treat ADHD in children, adolescents, and adults safely. It is in fact safer than aspirin if used as directed, and is basically impossible to fatally overdose on.

    That woman in photo was fucked up by father time and a poor diet more than anything else. Drugs do not cause addiction, mental disorders like PTSD do. Do too much of anything and you can screw up your life – even water is fatal in high enough doses.

    So all this bullshit about meth creating a demon inside you is bullshit. The demon was there all along, and you chose meth rather than say, Jack Daniels to mellow that fucker out. Stop doing meth, and the demon is gonna find another way to do you in.

    You gotta make peace with demon.

  3. What if because of my old habits, at my core all I want to do is pop oxycodone, smoke some weed and fuck strippers? Not doing drugs and not living impulsively is boring. Now I have to find a new meaning to my life that is fulfilling. Nothing seems to be doing the trick, I am exercising and trying to use Jordan Peterson's tips on having a meaningful life but it is no where near as satisfying as living a drug induced impulsive life, at times it was horrible but at times it was great. So now life doesn't have the super lows but it doesn't have the highs either, not even little ones. So i eliminated the "unnecessary" suffering but at times I wonder if it was necessary because I am having a very hard time finding meaning without resorting back to my old habits.

  4. Jotto999: Nope nothing vague. Having had to deal with a severe addict in my life, his description of an alternate, one-dimensional personality is spot on. Addicts will lie to you, rob you and if need be kill you to get that hit and will be pretty remorseless about it. That these behaviors were intuitively reified as "spirits" in the ancient world is excellent applied Psychology, because it gives you a concrete thing to discuss. The little devil sitting on your shoulder, whispering in your ear can't be beat as a model. Indeed, one of the more shocking facts about treating drug addiction is that by far the most successful programs are religious based for precisely this reason. Secular addiction treatment programs (addiction is an illness) are far less effective.

  5. So to beat addiction one needs to recognise the personality alive in their drug (their personality) and thus beat that personality. How? Construct a better one…..and the better one is free of the addiction.
    Refer to Richad Grannons "supra states" concept.

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