How to make a quilted bowl cosy

This is a fantastic introduction to quilting. Not only do these cosys save burning your hands, they make great gifts or sellable items for craft fairs too! A huge thank …


  1. I have read on other directions that you need to use batting that is microwaveable as to not burn while using These directions do not specify using a microwaveable batting.

  2. I just started making these. I have made several sizes but I find that the most versatile size is starting with an 11” square. Also don’t cut the darts off. Cut the darts on the fold and press open because that causes less bulk and makes it easier to sew.

  3. I thought in was doing great until I put the 2 pieces together to sew. They didn't match up. 😑 I don't know if one wasn't exactly 10", or if I measured the 1" and the 2" darts inaccurately. I'll assume that I'll get better as I make more. 👍🏻

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