1. Girl downtown is too crowded go towards Culver City and you will love this spot since you like Forresty places and nature so you should go to Kenneth Hahn park and smoke up and take a trail that will lead you to a sick ass view of the city .. hope to see you around LA !

  2. I just found you and girl I've been watching you non stop! Defiantly keep posting i love your attitude and demeanor towards positive impact. Keep going girl becuase you motivate me! I cant smoke becuase im pregnant nd you defiantly help fill my craving!

  3. Dest I had to pause the video at 15:30 to tell u that if u go back about a min & listen to urself, u are so strong & don’t even realize it! u avoiding situations that will get u in that mindset is u saving urself, u are that person for urself! keeping urself in the right mindset isn’t easy. give urself some more credit, love ya❤️⭐️

  4. I totally understand you!! I’ve been dealing with anxiety for 18 years now and I have a pretty good handle on it but some days are out of my control. I don’t let it consume me like it did early on but I totally understand about stressing!! You have to live by this motto…..DON’T STRESS OR WORRY UNTIL YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO STRESS OR WORRY ABOUT!! LIVE IN THE MOMENT!! LOVE YOU GIRL! YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION TO MANY!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Get off your phone when you drive you idiot. Are you really going to risk other people lives just to record your sad depressed life?? You even said you almost hit somebody on your video

  6. i LITERALLY have the same thing omg, moved to a new town and still havent made any friends or people im cool with. What really helped me is getting a goal for yourself or juss like you a cat HAHA 😀 but yeah i definitely know what you mean. I think when your mind want to get to the "ahhh your alone" mindset you gotta try and go outside, listen to your fav music, make some art, work for your goals etc etc!!
    BUT TBHHHHH YOURE SO COOL OMG i wish i lived in LA and we could chill and smooooke HAHAH <3

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