1. What to do if your being chased by a shark (according to a book I was reading):

    •Don’t show fear, swim away at a slow pace.
    •find the closest and largest group and stick with it. Sharks more likely attack small groups.
    •If your bleeding, blood will start alerting sharks. Find land immediately.
    •When your going to be attacked, DON’T use your hand unless if you have nothing to use as a weapon. Using your hand could possibly make you lose a limb.
    •Don’t make a shark bleed! That will anger the shark even more and may attract even more unwanted attention.

  2. But still sharks are dangerous. Because when you're in the water and you're attack by a shark. It's hard to get out of the water specially when you're alone diving or swimming. But in land, when you're attack by animals. It's easy to defend yourself and call for help.

  3. Wow! This person doesn't know anything about sharks. First of all, sharks don't care about the smell of our blood. There are thousands of other scent in the ocean that they actually care about. What makes you think that sharks will just stop doing what they're doing simply because they smell our blood?! That's ridiculous. Only in movies you see that! Myth busters even busted that myth. Two, white sharks aren't the most horrifying shark to human. Bull sharks are! Another thing, great white shark is a misleading name. It's simply white shark. Again, thanks to movies people say great white shark. Last, you pronounced mako shark. It's pronounced MAY-KO.

    Btw, I have a few shark dive vids on my channel!

  4. I’m trying to find “how to survive a bird attack” because it’s nesting season and I was attacked by birds. it swooped at me 6 times before it finally left me alone. Vicious creature. I’m not even worried about sharks right now…

  5. People are so stupid and misunderstand how Shark statistics work. Yes its true that most sharks don't kill a lot of humans. Why? Well its because we are bloody land animals. Most sharks hunt in fairly deep water even tiger sharks don't come that close to shore. A lot of people swim but the vast majority always stay in the shallow water. If we swam out the same distance as a seal we would be fucked.

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