I love stirring the pot with these controversial Q&A videos! Everyone likes to listen and give their opinion on the touchiest of subjects and I’m no different so in …


  1. I hate the fact that I'm circumsized. I'm atheist and there isn't a good benefit I see because of it. Someone seriously cut off a part of my fucking body when I was a baby… That's disgusting. Why? Seriously, why?

  2. Cannabis (yes please stop calling it marijuana. That was the name given to it to make it seem more sinister and honestly racist) and fitness saved my life. I was on about 6 different pharmas for depression and others and it just made things worse really. I dropped it all 3 years ago went to growing my own medicine, lost 30 kgs and never looked back yet. Best shape of my life at 53. Taking a bong hit to celebrate being happy!

  3. Darn that was over way too soon lol. Anyway I totally agree with the pool of knowledge becoming smaller over the generations. You have to make a conscious effort to seek out the information if you weren't raised in it like my husband and I had to. It's also so much work to cook and clean up after meals, but it's worth it. Not only do you save money in the short run on food but also in the long run because you'll be in better health. Video is awesome as usual!

  4. Hey how long did it take to see skin difference like redness blackheads whiteheads in your skin after starting to eat vegan? I just started eating vegan and I really want to know how long it takes to see good results

  5. I am a new subscriber to your channel I really this video I respect the fact that you deal witn Controversial questions.
    In my opinion on the obesity question I agree with you I have also noticed that when you go to grocery stores it will cost you twice as much to eat healthy and buy healthier foods then it will to buy food that is bad for you.
    It seems like stores want to focus on the food that is bad for you then food that is actually healthy if you are on a budget you can't afford the healthy food.

  6. I DEMAND a circumcision ban, punishment for the perpetrators, & MASSIVE govt funding for stem cell based tissue regeneration to regenerate our foreskins and make our bodies whole again!!! Watch my channel trailer.

  7. Breast implant illness is pretty serious and the driving force behind women explanting their implants. This isn’t about a simple trend. Both saline and silicone filled, the shells are made of dangerous chemicals and compounds.They are absolutely not safe. There is also a specific cancer linked to textured implants. There has been 17 deaths from this rare cancer (BIA-ALCL) so far.
    So to clarify, women are warning other women against getting breast augmentation via implants due to illness risk and urging women whom are symptomatic to BII symptoms (whom already have implant) to explant.

  8. I 100% agree with different strokes for different folks, but let's let it be known that circumcision doesn't fall under the "do what you want as long as you're not hurting anyone" rule. It 100% should be illegal unless medically necessary. The stigma around uncut men is TERRIBLE and based off nothing but lies.

  9. Implants are highly toxic. I guess you haven’t heard of breast implant illness. Breast implants make women really sick with autoimmune diseases and it creates a really aggressive form of cancer.

  10. Unfortunately I don’t believe in an afterlife. I believe what science tells me about how cells function. When we did our cells cease to reproduce and function. They’ll release calcium and enter a state of apoptosis. Once your heart and brain activity have stopped, that’s it. You’re just a piece of rotting meat. There is no soul leaving your body to enter a wonderful paradise. That being said I’m scared as fuck. I want everyday to be special because my time is limited on this planet. However I do not have the opportunity to make the best out of my days. I can to some degree but I have no friends so doing group activities isn’t a thing for me. I’m at a stage where I’m just getting comfortable traveling or going to the movies and stuff by myself. I still haven’t seen Aquaman!

  11. Brian bro been watching your vids lately as i am dealing with acne myself. I have to say I am truly inspired and cried when i saw how amazing and strong of a person you are and I aspire to overcome it and become as mentally strong and physically strong as you. To all the people out there suffering i share the pain. It will go soon peeps. Bless up

  12. What main reasons do you have for believing in Christianity (i.e. that the earth is 6000 years old, man coexisted with dinosaurs, the whole earth was flooded while 2 of every animal were preserved on an ark, god sends billions of his loved creations to suffer for eternity in hell, etc.)? Thanks!

  13. Hey Brian excellent video as always!
    I live in a country where it is the norm for every (native or Christian) male to be circumcised atleast before the age of 13 and honestly it’s not that big a deal! It’s actually more socially unacceptable and in most cases a reason for constant bullying for most boys who are uncircumcised.

    So I say every culture /religion is different and we shouldn’t judge because I have never heard of any guy here who misses his foreskin…boys here are proud to have it done.

    And just to add, we rarely have any emergencies like phimosis or paraphimosis here because the majority of the male population is already circumcised!

    Also , to those comparing it to female genital mutilation, you should really read up on what is actually done in FGM before you say that they similar because they are not.

  14. Great Q&A. I do take issue with the circumcision point though.

    Ya’ll are intentionally being illogical if you think that circumcisions on babies is anything but child genital mutilation. Also, the idea it’s done for religious reasons is laughable because didn’t God make us all perfect? Who are we to question and change that?

    Finally it’s less hygienic and causes lacking sensitivity. 🤷‍♂️

  15. Routine circumcision of infants should be considered a human rights violation. If you want cosmetic surgery, good on you. That's your choice. Not a doctor, not your parents. I feel sorry for people who are missing a foreskin with no consent. I love mine.

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