1. WOW…You are truly amazing !! im only 12 and i love your vids !! Can i do your workouts even if im a girl ?? cuz there are people saying that im a girl and i must not do workouts or ect..:( i can do these workouts…right ??

  2. This is incredible, I've been practicing calisthenics for a few months and every day I like it more, it's something that I love. Before I did not practice any sport and I did not have a good time practicing sports, but now for me calisthenics is something very important, thenx and each one of its members seem like a model to follow. I am 13 years old and I commit myself to be someone big and to stand out in this world through calisthenics in a serious way. Just thanks for setting course for my life. See you in a few years

  3. Bro really your life is a great inspiration, putting your thoughts and knowledge, from miami beach to thenx hard journey, less time to spend with zen, making money hard way, YOU ROCK THE WHOLE WORLD AND YOU DESERVE IT

  4. I just started 2 weeks ago and I see a change on my body. I just added your app still learning.. hope I can surprise myself with a change you really inspire me in big. Even I am 45 I don't care I am on this you see.. sir

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