Can you still get arrested for smoking weed in N.J.?

Marijuana cases are being put on hold indefinitely in New Jersey, as lawmakers are expected to continue debating legalization later this summer. Full story: …


  1. A war on a plant….a plant that was mis-represented to the public with no scientific evidence to back up the negative claims….A plant that can possibly save the world in the form of hemp. Get the facts on cannabis and the history, stop listening to the people who make money by arresting people and extracting money from them through the whole process….it needs to end.

  2. MOUNT OLIVE — A 20-year-old man charged with causing the death of his passenger in a crash off Route 80 on Sunday was high on marijuana and initially lied to police about not being the driver, court records show.

  3. I live in Cape May NJ, I’m 16. Have weed legal but 21+ can ONLY have a small amount. Have dispensary’s around NJ which will bring in a ton of money for you “taxpayers”

  4. C'mon New Jersey AND New York legalize it already! Chronic pain patients need this herb for pain! Your cutting our opioids to nothing and WE need to work to support our families..but most of all WE need it for pain relief, anxiety relief and peace of mind!

  5. People will smoke weed no matter who likes it or not, That includes Cops, Judges , and your Parents. ..NJ is the Armpit of America and needs to be cleaned up and brought into to 21st Century..Weed is Not A Dangerous Drug and people all over NJ are growing Massive amounts of weed in their homes So law enforcement Should focus on real crimes like busting their own who abuse kids and beat them to death. ..REMEMBER what that cop did??? and Beat up people and shoot people for no reason. ..So it's a Matter of time before the policies are to change, I think they need to keep their old Outdated Opinions to them selves on who can or can not smoke weed at this point. Get over it ,the world has Changed and Cops will need too find some other way to fill their arrest Quota.Even tho most of the people they arrest are simply just Black…or some form of minority..I Implore Anyone in Law Enforcement to explain to me their view on it. ..but no one will…because they get a pay check like everyone else and know they need to keep their mouths shut and hand out.

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