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  2. Even gino Jennings cannot tell that TRUMP is on the side of God's law. That should tell you all you need to know about him.

    He can't tell the difference between TRUMP and Obama.

  3. The book of Jasher is NOT the book of Job. It is one of the books which was removed from the Bible. There were more than 66 books. The book of Enoch is also one of the omitted ones. If I am correct, Apostle Gino Jennings' church is the source for obtaining an all inclusive copy of the Bible…the one the bro read from

  4. Jesus raised Lazarus and the damsel from the dead. They later died, and like other dead people are now waiting for the judgement. Mary is also dead and waiting like the others. The Bible does not teach that she was afforded a special resurrection and is in heaven. Jesus is the only resurrected person in heaven. Everyone who died in the Lord are in a special place( according to the book of Enoch) waiting for judgement day.

  5. Pastor gino Jennings I love your preaching but pastor gino you lied on Jesus Christ because Jesus never told Satan he was a GOD of this world this is no where in the bible because almighty GOD is the god of both worlds im sure you didn't say that to lead people's against almighty GOD but a lie is a lie if he can show me in the bible where Jesus Christ told SATAN this I would appreciate it but its not in there no one can show me this in the bible because almighty GOD say don't put no other god before me that's mean HEAVEN and Earth AMEN

  6. Much honor to Apostle Jennings…The Bible clearly states in Deuteronomy 24:4…That you can not go back to your first wife after you divorce her or vice versa…The Bible verse in Matthew 19:9… JESUS CHRIST states you can divorce your wife or husband who commits fornication or adultery…

  7. He should have said in correct itself be more pacific Mary is not dead she died but she in heaven he should have correct itself so people won't think that she died know she is not just dead she in heaven amen

  8. What the hell???? What bible you reading from? (Jasper). You is a damn fool gino!!!!! You is the damn devil. You fake ass bowtie wearing fake ass ballheaded demon!!!!!!! Am i righttttttttt!!! Mcgrufff the big mouth ballheaded demon and your men of the city thugs. Go straight to hell Satan gino.

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