What Happens When You Fail a Drug Test on Parole? | Life on Parole | FRONTLINE (PBS)

Jessica Proctor is on parole. She just tested positive for marijuana. Her parole officer could send her back to prison — but will she? Subscribe on YouTube: …


  1. Pressure on herSELF? Eh, no. The pressure is coming from a system that finds it kosher to check a person's bodily fluids for drug metabolites & use their presence as an excuse to send them back to prison. The pressure of being a single parent, ex-convict & student is very real and doesn't come from inside–it comes from the stress of working your ass off. And your stupid for-profit prison system.

  2. I am a little confused as to how she got into a CNA program in the first place. Where I live, all medical students have to go through a pretty rigorous background check (that you pay for–$90) and be able to obtain a fingerprint clearance card.

  3. Jessica Proctor… I'd like to take this time, and opportunity to congratulate you, "not just for completing the, CNA program but for having the right attitude, and mindset while on your journey as a parolee. You understood and remain, within compliance of prison and parole rules, and didn't waiver your parolee opportunities, rather you excel with what was given!! I wish you continue success, in all your endeavors and, I hope this is a start, of a new lasting relationship, with you and your son, who I can tell, was very proud of your accomplishments. You go girl! And keep putting in hard good work!!!..

  4. The State needs to wise up. Pot is the best stress reliever around. It would've been legal for her to go to the doc & get a script for Xanax or Valium though, etc. (highly addicting). That's f'd up!

  5. F that! that's cruel and unusual punishment. They just looking for any reason to generate revenue for the state. smoking a joint never lead to anyone being violent or stealing or w/e . ignorant fucks.

  6. My old friend got arrested for meth. When he got out his parole agent let him smoke weed. I think this was just before prop 215(medical cannabis) passed in California. I always thought it was up to the agent.

  7. What she is going to is send her to drug classes the probation officer has guidelines if she is a honest probation officer she will do that I knew a probation officer that accepted money

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