The Best Speedfeed Trimmer Head?! ► Replacing Your Line In 30 Seconds ► ECHO Speedfeed 400 Head!

A lot of you guys have been leaving comments asking what I think is the best speed feed trimmer head out right now. I wanted to show you guys the ECHO …


  1. I used these for about 3 years, but I finally went back to using the 25-2 on my Stihls. They fit flush, so when I get into taller grass and weeds it doesn’t get wrapped up between the gearbox and the head. I loved the speed feeds because it cut down on downtime reloading, but now I just keep an extra preloaded spool in my side pocket. It’s actually a little faster. And yeah, I hate cutting circles in grass bumping them, so I bump feed against whatever is wearing out my string (fence, sidewalk, etc).

  2. What to do ??? I was new at using my speed feed head 400 . I unknowingly opened it up to refill it with line then put it back togethr after realizing i was doin it all wrong. Anyways, now that i refilled it the right way it isnt workin right like it used to. When using it I tap it to releasemore string but the string either goes back in OR it doesnt come out at all.
    Any idea what i might have done wrong when puttin it back together ???
    Thanks, Gerry from San Diego, cA

  3. I do like echo speedfeed 400 on STIHL fs110r and I do tap on smooth concrete but not rough concrete also tap on tree, pole, hard big strong fence as long it doesn’t look rough instead of tap on grass and look like scalp the grass unless grass is lower than 2” then I tap it on it and won’t notice it. I can see speed feed help a lot on 4 mix trimmers due lack of rpm, since 4 stroke use torque low end while 2 cycle use torque at higher rpm with speed that why 4 cycle are slower in similar displacement cc to 2 stroke counterpart. also help 2 stroke that under 1.2hp and for 21cc to 24cc.

  4. Hey Brian a little tip! Take some black gorilla tape and make a x on the speed fed cap and that will protect it so it will last a lot longer!! Works for me and thought It might help ya

  5. Speed Feed heads are the best thing since sliced bread 🙂 Been in business over 20 years and back in the day I used to stop and take off the head cap and wind up the line and put it back together….sucked.Brian I do the same thing.On Sundays I cut several lines of about 18' per line,roll it up and I use a 4" piece of electric tape to keep each one rolled up tight and when I need one just pull it out of my back pocket peel off the tape and wind it up back in business in about 20 seconds

  6. I never got the chance to use other heads on my trimmers because my Stihl heads never broke or wore out over years of use. The Stihls I used when I got my first job at 14, it was probably my inexperience that wore out the heads. Putting in new line took maybe 2 minutes. Stihl trimmers or go home, for me. Power for DAYS. Nothing comes close and I have tried a lot of trimmers.

    That being said, my trimmers had to deal with use on my horse property in addition to its commercial use, so miles of fence line at home that wasn't cut even monthly, plus I did a lot of "yards" that were 4-8' tall, so I used steel blades for that and needed gobs of power. I don't think any other trimmer could handle that for long.

    I absolutely HATED my Echo blower and always hoped it would get stolen or something. I wished I had never bought it when I was in a hurry one day and didn't want to drive "all the way" to my Stihl dealer. It kind of soured me on all things Echo, but I admit that is not fair to Echo. The thing was hard to start after a month and it took FOREVER to warm up and hit max flow. My Toro dealer always wanted me to try other Echo stuff but I just couldn't do it. I probably would have replaced it with a RedMax, just for something different and the brand has a great rep, but never got a good enough reason to do it.

    I had a Shindaiwa walk-behind broadcast spreader built for ice melt. Dang thing cost like $300 but man it was built like a tank. My dealer didn't know how to pronounce it either, but all my equipment got nicknames anyway, so it didn't matter, ha!

  7. What do you think of the echo black diamond line? I used it for awhile and found that even in the echo speedfeed heads it has a tendency to bind, which is not fun because you usually then have to take the whole thing apart to get it unbound. Have you had this problem? I typically stick with my Husqvarna titanium line, it never binds up and it wears almost as good as the black diamond, the only downside is that it is really loud line whereas the black diamond is really quiet.

  8. I invested quite a bit in a few different heads to experiment, and so glad that speed feed exists. Traditional bumper heads are a nightmare. And in my area everyone is using and telling me to use the alloy head that you replace nylon strips with. Yeah fucking right if I wanna bake in the sun all day replacing nylon strips.

    I started out with strips and also found them to be more expensive. Think about it. For every nylon strip you have finished using, about half (or more) of the nylon strip is discarded. You are wasting at least half of each nylon strip you use, that could easily equate to half a roll discarded!!!

  9. Epoxy, fixed my Husqvarna head with that once I busted through the plastic and it was cracked but spring still down. Holding up well.. did liquid then a puffy on top of that. Puddy leaves a mark when I tap it, not sure on liquid, haven't got that far down yet.

  10. Echo acquired Shindaiwa 5 or more years ago because Echo was not emissions compliant and Shindaiwa was. Echo then dropped their U-turn trimmer head for Shindaiwa's speed feed head and adopted the Red Armor Oil.

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