Shamangineer | Mapping The Mind, The Alchemical Model, & Plasma Beings From Space

In a long series of shows with Shamangineer, we’ve gone over a lot of the best research and marginalized leaders across the alchemical/ethereal sciences, …


  1. Greg, you KEEP speaking about " Belief " but belief as it has been used is nothing but MIND VIRUS. The only thing to believe in is your Divinity and your ability to CREATE something different. All External beliefs are mind control PROGRAMS. Belief is what the EGO " wishes " was TRUE. Nothing more in the current age. Humans do not know how to USE belief.

  2. On about Min 26:42 Schamangineer says that they keep us away from thinking.
    Fundamental that's what keeps us from living in the world that WE wish to be living at.

    And it is the architects aim, like Neville Goddard always said that we find out our inner ⛮ power and be the creator by using the beautiful human imagination.
    That's exactly why we are being kept busy, not only when we are at work, also every piece in the house is structured that way that it would keep you busy, the neighbors being competitive, etc
    the complete mental structure we grow up has to be pulled DOWN

  3. Nice resume of all the deeper stuff. You're on the right running.
    THC you got me back with this one!!

    It's all about conciousness.
    The projections of our intentions is what manifests as our world.
    So we have to focus and not let ourselves be guided as the masters wants us.

    Try it yourself, start with weather podcasts, don't you worry about weather any longer.
    You will be able to transmute it and turn your environment into a much better place. Level low frequencies up into high frequencies.

  4. Agree with what Shamangineer says about other 'brains'. I am also aware of our gut bacteria playing a part. They live in a more etheric field awareness and since we are in a symbiotic relation, they will alert us to danger. Saving us, saves them as well. Also, like dogs, they will alert us to creepy people. Toxic diets have made many deficient in these critters and this makes them more out of touch with their environment, IMO. Kinda like being clueless in Creation.

  5. I like this sort of topic, but this episode didn't seem to really flow to me. That could just be me, or my state of mind. Anyway, it's a completely different subject matter, but I'd like to hear you interview Ralph Ellis.

  6. Terrence McKenna was a great example of weed not effecting memory. I happen to be witness to stoners having better memory than drinkers. I think weed just reminds you to be interested in what you want to remember. How about room conditional memory?, ya know, walking to the kitchen and can't remember what you wanted till you're back where you started. Past life memory or even out of body memories make it dubious to say memory is in the brain. Like the guest said, I think the brain is there to operate the body and facilitate expression from the mind.

  7. Look into Daoist internal Alchemy and mantak chia for sounds to heal organs.
    For those that are attaining superhuman levels please use your super ness to take out the tyrannical authoritarian technocratic enslavers.natural beings utilizing natural science following natural law. A tune your chords to be in alignment with the pitch of the harmonic scale of positive creation.

  8. Knowing consciousness is playing with unknowing consciousness. Directing it, setting it into experiences. Like tour guides and provokers, persuaders, spell binders. And we're all doing some of both along the spectrum of conscious to unconscious. I can see that consciousness would like a unified field among all the disparate guides and provokers. This question of what to make of what, what to form forms into. Lots of places to explore that are already fantastically developed. Hard to grok the simultaneity of all these different conjurings holding up distinctly.

  9. Great show! Thank you! Gregg you are living legend and it's good that you know that.:) Yeah man, awareness expansion at present moment is a way worth exploring..
    I've been experimenting with Aether affected by Tesla coils quite a lot. I also read all that i could find about Aether (it's not easy to find).. It looks to me that there are some correlations with the water, like liquid water can be hard as a stone if you hit its surface fast with a stick on example. You can electrically affect Aether with a high frequency and high voltage. Aether goes through solid matter (yes even Faraday cage) as easy as we go easy through the air. Electrical Aether (plasma) is just one 'density' of Aether, there are more than one i believe. Some say there are seven densities, the most settle one can 'breath' life into matter.

  10. Dude – important (ish) – are you aware of 'higher side chats' (no 'the') – "they" (if not u!) are circulating copies of your stuff without 5 minute intro blurb. If have posted on the montauk project one what their relationship with you is (could be you!) but no reply yet. Could you ack that ur isn't u & I'll complain to YouTube (as anyone reading this can!).
    Peace bro!

  11. Just noticed that I was no longer subscribed to your channel. Like WTF YouTube..?? Of course I want to subscribe AGAIN and I'll hit the bell AGAIN.. for the umpteenth time.. to my favorite channel. I look forward to the nights when I can park my ass and pack my glass (bowl) with the most interesting, informative, intriguing, insightful, insatiable, and infinitely irresistible stoner dropout that's on the interwebz. As usual with the amazing content discussed here, tonight's episode hits straight to my synchronistic heart. The TED Talk about the brain specialist having a stroke is the first TED Talk I ever watched. I found it after my mom had her stroke. It helped me learn how to communicate with my her because she couldn't talk or write. Since she had lost use of almost half of the right side of her brain, I had to learn what techniques I could use to stimulate the left side. It as a horrible experience but I had this channel to keep me motivated. I was so glad I paid attention to the world around me and was open to learning whatever I could from anyone I could. I honestly can say TheHighersideChats has changed my life. So cheers to you, Mr. Carlwood. I am so grateful for everything you do for us. I wish we could share our Salvia experience with each other. Sounds like they were awfully similar and that's been assuring for me. I have never heard anyone else ever having been there and definitely not like that. That's why I consider you my brother from another mother! And you need to watch SPLIT!! I'd love to know what you think of it. Its pretty fucking good.. I had to watch Unbreakable afterwards and I am now eagerly awaiting M. Night's mash-upped sequel. Take care of yourself bud!!!

  12. Ive recently been introduced to Lions mane mushroom. It supposely regrows and activates parts of the brain. Im a chronic cannabis user and the years have been felt and im on the hunt to reverse the effects while still using. Very interesting show ..thanks

  13. listening to this, I recall some of the greats who spoke so eloquently on the topic. D Bohm, J Krishnamurti, M Talbot, C Biederman, K Pribram – all now gone.

    we've still got Sheldrake and those guys on Governor's Island making holograms. Rupert is reporting to the plasma universe community these days, which plays nicely with Bohm's implicate unfolding into the explicate.

  14. I see the plasma beings. I even thought their plasma lsyer is the result of chemtrails. Man made? Alive? Well what I see is their shadows or whatever. It's like an invisible membrane that moves around and attached to everyyhing. Like electric air. It or they can Literally can take any shape. Is all around at all times. Can move touch and manipulate anything. Covers everything. Comes From the sky usually to a tree or house then covers it and expands. From what I can tell their layer is all over everything and they manipulate it to move around. I've been wondering what they are and what they want. They're completely unavoidable. What is their purpose? Nobody understands what I try to tell them about what I can see. I'd love some answers. I do believe in God and in Jesus Christ. I've considered that it's possible I'm seeing the veil between our world's and it's changing. Manifesting or merging. Maybe this is part of the second coming. I just want to know I'm not the only one that sees it.

  15. The S shaped surface between the Yin and Yang is a river of flowing alchemical quicksilver, you never actually see the quicksilver what you see is the world that surrounds it, that's because quicksilver is a mirrored surface you're looking at the surface of your own mind reflected in front of you like a moving mirror.

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