Russell Brand Speaks Candidly About His Addictions & Recovery

Author and friend Professor Brad Evans gets under my skin regarding my new book “Recovery”. We discuss the age of addiction, the ability to be liberated from …


  1. I think Brand is showing such a vulnerability on his podcast that’s refreshing, honest and brave. I have much respect for him and that there is so much more depth to him than a comedian. (He is funny) this is a nice side to see. He is so right about getting the focus off yourself and find a purpose of serving others and giving.

  2. Meet me for lunch, i"ll pay lol, but I will have to drive over from Devon, I could do with someone to discuss my feelings with , and a mentor, I am practising meditation, and yoga, but I am still struggling, I want at least a like for this comment as it took ages to type by mouse and virtual keyboard, I have a lot of history with anxiety too, that I can share.

  3. Some people don't get addicted don't feel withdrawal can take it or leave it still don't get that is it addictive personalities or something else, this has never been explained to my satisfaction.

  4. Thank you for this video! We do need to learn to life life again.. we get caught up in quitting and don't learn simple life stuff and it cause us to fall….. We must train our brain, learn to live simple everyday things to get back out there!

  5. I have decided to get a Masters degree in Social Work with Substance abuse as a speciality. I loved your book and find your intellect to be thought-provoking. You are apart of my schooling in a sense, your a teacher to my future approach to others with substance abuse. Thank you:)

  6. "This is a phenomena". No it isn't. It's a phenomenon. Phenomena is the plural. Brand suffers from pretentious verbosity, otherwise known as verbal diarrhoea. He uses unnecessarily long words wrongly.

  7. Russell, thank you very much for speaking out on these subjects and the 12 steps – making them more accessible. As a scientist, I believe you are correct when you state that science doesn't know everything. If I made that assumption as a scientist and that everything in this world could be explained, I would be quite presumptuous. Thank you for speaking out with such clarity and confidence.

  8. Positive thoughts are fun. I refuse to elevate until I have mentally evolved in this level. Best I've got so far is going to a meeting and every time someone says something they are struggling with. I make a mental film of them over coming that problem. And it's beautiful to not allow myself to worry. It feels helpful. I love my fellow man. We are going through loads of changes. Elevation of consciousness is great. But not without usefulness. God gave you your mind for a reason. Use it to enhance your realm. Your fellows realm. It's all relative. Much love

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