1. I had promised my grandma I quit years ago before she died our cat got lung respiratory so I stopped ..
    I haven't smoke ever since April or March 2018 so far and our kitty no longer has lung respiratory

  2. I had no mood swings or trouble going to the bathroom! just some weird dreams the first days. I have an anxiety disorder but quitted smoking was easy (never thought I would say that..) with the help of Allen Carr's book. He breaks literally every reason why someone would think they need cigarettes. Going strong for more than 2 months 🙂

  3. Huge accomplishment, been there, quit myself 2 years this past August 8th, used Nicoderm , 8 days of patches….9th day came…..didn't need one and said F it and I've been tempted to have obe, but i don't wanna head down that road EVER again…both my uncles were heavy smokers and drinkers, and passed in their early 60's…i was never a heavy smoker but at age 36(at the time) i said….I'm not paying for myself to have a slow self-inflected suicide…..plus they are like $15 a pack now …… FUCK THAT!!!! i was done….congratulations by the way Jessica…..you are just stunningly beautiful woman inside and out

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