Optimal Indoor Marijuana Flower Room Temperature and Humidity Levels

In this video we go over the optimal levels of humdity and temperature you want to maintain during your Flower Cycle when growing indoors. Also I discuss how I …


  1. Hi, can you help. My flowering day time temps are about 85F, I have been keeping my night time temps up to 70F with a heater on for 12 hours, my plants have finished growing now (3 1/2 weeks into 12/12) is it ok now to let my night time temps be 55-60F? It would save me on my electricity bill! What difference will it make now? Thanks…

  2. Hey had plant under 600 hps
    Then switched to mars hydro
    730 in grow tent To mother the plant . Now extreme mag deficiency and leaf loss now have under 300 Cmh now
    Plant not really responding .
    I see you have different types of lights have any clue

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