1. Message for DrAutoFlower: @getniwa builds hydroponic systems for home growing and noticed your followers respect your guidance by showing them how to grow cannabis successfully. If we collaborate, we can improve our designs for future systems to support cannabis growers we can expand your following!

  2. I'm very interested in getting a couple Optic 6s I was wondering what your opinion was on them. I understand they are less efficient than the 8, and they don't have dimming, but they are half the price. I would be using them for flower only, so I'm don't thank I would need dimming. Any information , or opinion would be appreciated. Thank you.

  3. You definitely want to drop the water levels to the bottom of the hydroton (if the roots reach down that far, which is a prerequisite for moving to the dwc). Lowering the water and letting them dry until they perk and manually watering a few times a day and adding substantially more air flow to the water should perk up the leaves before any damage occurs to them. Cannabis plants also hate a damp stem and they won’t transpire as fast under the LED’s which compounds the issue. Love your videos and keep up the great work!!

  4. They're finding having the stone in with the roots it's causing the root pores to open up for disease, root rot. It's best to keep the stone in the feed bucket for continuous oxygen and keep it from the roots zone.

  5. Hydrotons not hydro pellets. Your probably going to get bored. Smoking all white widow. But it's supposed to be stable. Hydros too risky, power ever goes out. An your not there, your fucked. They will die that's why I hate hydroponics.

  6. Wooop good stuff bro. Why is the water so high in the buckets though? Thats crazy high even for dwc imo. Normally only have the water up to the bottom of the net pot/hydroton bro also make sure no light can get down into the res underneath or it damages roots and promotes algae. All the best😁👊✌💚💚

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