Marijuana Plant. Lemon Haze Autoflower – Tri-Leaf Cannabis Plant

Nearly all cannabis seedlings, no matter how the seeds are sprouted, will start with just two leaves per set Every once in a while, growers will run into a β€œtri-leaf” …


  1. I got two autoflower lemon haze. Started them indoors using 5 inch peat pots, fox farm soil and daylight CFLs. Planted the seeds directly into the soil on May 1st and they sprouted five days later. Less than four weeks later they were topped and kept indoors for a few more days and next I planted them outdoors. Outdoors I dug holes and filled them with fox farm and placed the peat pots directly into the soil. The plants were approximately 5 to six inches tall. Today two weeks later after planting outdoors one reached one and a half feet tall and the other two feet tall. Each plant has around twelve flowers. Today I added fox farm big bloom using 1/2 cup per gallon and the water comes from a rain barrel. Also have a white widow growing. Just three plants this year. Last year was the first legal grow here in massachusetts and I grew trainwreck which was okay.

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