Marijuana Legalization Khao San Road Bangkok , Backpacker Opinion

Please put on Subtitles (CC) for Thai section. The Thai Law Forum hits Khao San road for a popular opinion on whether marijuana should be legalized in …


  1. Mannnnn are you guys hiring?? I would love a job like this so I can move back to the motherland 5555. Talking to random strangers about 420 is what I love to do lol

  2. You have to be very careful in Thailand right now, many pushers work for the thai police, so they can easily come to take you directly in your Hotel room and even you have already smoked all, they will check your urine and put you in Jail, and if you want to go outside and go back to your country you have to pay around 8000€ and your name will be stored inside the Thai blacklist, this means that if you try to come back to Thailand you will be arrested again as soon as you land. All this shit happened to a very good friend of mine he didn't know he was in the black list and he paid 5000€ more to not go in jail again and take another flight for coming back. If you really want to smoke weed in Thailand you have to buy from people that you really trust and take it into your place. Do not carry with you or smoke outside, expecially if you drive. I was driving a car from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and I was stopped 5 times by the police and they check my urine two times and I was traveling with my thai wife and my 2 years old daughter not in a hippie bus. Be very carefull.

  3. What will the penalty be if u are caught in thailand with 1 gram of hash ? or 1-2 joints ? a friend of mine wants to move there, but he refuses to move if he cant smoke his weed while he lives there.

  4. Cannabis should be regulated by the government but users should not be criminalized. Even for hard drugs, the government should provide safe access to needles and medical grade medications to help the addicts. The Netherlands drug addiction program is a good example.

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