Live PD: Weed Buddies (Season 2) | A&E

A group of friends is caught with a pretty large amount of weed during a traffic stop in this clip from “03.17.18”. #LivePD Subscribe for more from Live PD and …


  1. Texas some lames… here in Ohio cops would be like… "well don't let me catch ya with it again.. oh heres your weed back. Smells like some good stuff. You boys be safe now."
    (Actually happened to me and a pal)
    No ticket. And got to keep my weed. (7g's of sticky) Just be honest up front.

  2. this is where "states rights" are crooked. It is wrong as a country to not be arrested for something in one place and to be arrested in another simply bc they don't have as many violent crimes as others and have the room in their jails. All about the revenue

  3. Why even these comment sections blaming cop for busting weed possession?
    That's illegal in those states and they just enforcing it.
    And that quantity ain't even can't be released with warning.
    If you wanna smoke weed, change your country's law first.

  4. It’s such a waste of resources having officers wasting their time arresting someone for marijuana. It will be legal in all states at some point in the near future. It’s ridiculous that marijuana is illegal and things like cigarettes and alcohol is legal. That’s absurd.

  5. Yes Sergeant; I had no friends on high school and was never invited to parties and I’m a cuck, so yep..yep, I arrested some dude for possession of marijuana because he might kill a bag of chips and some sodas. Yeah I know it was a great bust; now the meth labs are safe and meth dealers are making more money

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