Joe Rogan Experience #908 – Leah Remini

Leah Remini is an actress, producer, author, and comedian. Her new show “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath” is a documentary series that can be …


  1. I recommend everyone watch Leah Reminis documentry on scientology. I'm from the UK and had no prior knowledge to what scientology was.

    All I knew was that very successful stars like Tom cruise and John Travolta were part of this very elite group which made it seem very eluring. It couldn't of been futher from the truth. Its a mind controlling abusive cult that needs to be exposed to the public and those who are still trapped in it.

    Which other religion do you know stalks people,threatens peoples lives,physically abuses them,divorces them from their children,siblings, husbands /wives so that you cant even talk to them on the telephone ?.Which other religion forces you to stay, makes you spend millions of pounds, records your thoughts every single day in order to manipulate your mind ?.
    Heaven forbid if you dared to speak out or question your religion,you would be shunned upon and everyone else in scientology would be sent letters forbidding you to make contact, creating lies and accusations that your crazy or a liar or a wife beater or anything they can creatively decide would be most fitting for your situation.

    Which other religion recruits you as a 12 year old makes you sign forms and lie to your parents as to where your going 'tell them your going to Paris to be model',sexually abuses you and threatens you not to tell people.

    Leah Remini and Mike rinder ( former executive )have broken the silence.

    During the documentry you see private investigators and scientologists stalking them and make no mistake the fear is very real. If something was to happen to either of them it would be clear why.

    She was asked if she was in fear for her life which in my opinion was a very rational question under the circumstances. Her answer amazed me.. she said what scared her most was nothing being done what about what is happening and I fear that will be the case unless most people learn about what's actually going on.

    Leah your amazing your bravery and strength is outstanding you've done a very unselfish act..many scientologists and otherwise are in fear speaking out due to the consequences. I commend your openness and bravery and pray for your health happiness and success.

    P.S Her show should be aired every where around the world on the most basic channels so everyone can learn.

    P.P.S Please dont come for me Scientology,I value my life !

  2. When Leah says her body is made up of "other beings" it's actually true. Yes, those little beings are called "cells" and they have been around for millions of years. One little cell in her thumb is different from a cell in her thigh, from the blood cells to the skin cells, and so on and so forth. Each cell in the body communicates with the rest of the body, to help the person feel good and do well in life, and we thank God for creating us, for creating these millions of different cells, which could be called "little beings", which have been around millions of years. 🙂

    Visit to see how good morals protect us. 🙂

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