1. Hello JT. I got out of the WB&TS several years ago, and am still trying to muddle through all of the crap that got shoved down my throat. I grew up in the so-called "Truth", and I am doing this alone. They really did a number on my head, but I am getting through it. I wanted to thank you for these videos, they do more for people than you truly realize. I didn't even know that there was an ex JW movement until a few weeks ago. I hope to maybe one day meet some ex JW's, and maybe get my story out so I can help someone else that is going through what I did.

  2. When did "doing the right thing" change to include, when it is convenient?
    My entire childhood was spent "doing the right thing" under pain and pressure, interesting to now know it was not the same for them.

  3. Let's say the elders are clergy. Then let's say they're not. Either way, they can land in jail right alongside the brother with the criminal past.

    The Society's response to the congregation's letter restates the congregation's concern that they "have received information" about a brother's prior misdeeds. As a lawyer I have to ask HOW this information was received. Did a third party report it to the elders or did the brother himself disclose his past to an elder who was at that very moment acting his capacity as a spiritual advisor?

    Now assume for a minute that elders really are clergy. Here's the thorn: the privilege of clergy/penitent confidentiality attaches ONLY if the penitent discloses his misdeeds directly to a clergy person who is acting in his/her capacity as a spiritual adviser. If the information came from another congregant then the necessary condition is not met there is NO clergy/penitent privilege of confidentiality.

    Thus, elders without a properly formed privilege cannot legally refuse to disclose information about past murders to law enforcement without themselves committing the crime of aiding and abetting in the commission of a felony by concealing it. In some states, one who aids and abets can be found just as criminally liable as the person who committed the crime AND can be sent to prison for the same amount of time as the the convicted criminal.

    Furthermore, if this brother is going around talking about his past to even just one other congregant he's deemed to have waived this protection of confidentiality by making a public confession. This brother probably cannot regain his privilege even if he subsequently goes to the elders and says he'd like to have a confidential conversation.

    Even properly formed clergy/penitent confidentiality privileges have limits. Some states statutes expressly provide exceptions for when the clergy privilege will not apply. These limits on the privilege involve situations involving child abuse, child neglect, sexual abuse, notorious crimes, or murder, depending on the specific wording of the statute.

    Now let's flip and assume elders really aren't clergy. Then there's no protected privilege of confidentiality to invoke and the elders could still be criminally liable for aiding and abetting in the commission of a felony by concealing it.

    It's not clear here whether the brother here disclosed his past to another congregant or directly to an elder. But what is clear whether WT insists they're clergy or backs down and says they're just elders, it is playing with fire it doesn't understand. In this case when WT says it's invoking it's privilege of confidentiality it's really saying we too are going to commit a crime by concealing what they now know.

  4. @Who Said What: You are right I might have no legit opinion as I didn’t watch the video to completion. You are also correct in describing the organization’s weird decision making process whereby innocuous human errors are treated in a heavy handed manner while more serious sins with both a spiritual and criminal element eg child abuse, rape, fraud etc are ignored due to the two witnesses rule and the wrongful application of scripture. However my point still remains the same: in matters of a spiritual nature we must exercise care when it comes to criticism and judgment. One could so easily be blinded by emotions, pride and ego same way as the jw organisation is and inadvertently be passing judgement on others which we have not been authorised to do nor indeed are capable of doing correctly. As Christians we must recognize the importance of letting love guide everything we say or do. If we have to criticise, it must be in a kind, logical, reasoned and loving manner with the right motives and not just to create sensational news or to prove we are right. I may have been over the top in my response but basically I still believe in my position. That the organization is a cult is not in dispute as it clearly meets the definition of a cult in every sense. However illogical criticism or use of sensational hyperbole – which this video is in my opinion – is unchristian. The critic is thus not much better than the target. Such behaviour actually serves to make credible the assertions by the organization that their detractors or so called apostates are extreme right wing former discredited Jehovah’s Witnesses filled with bitterness and resentment who will do all they can – including making up sensational news and rumours- to bring down the organization. In this regard I consider it important that all criticisms be factual and well thought out without any signs of rancour, resentment and bitterness. That is the only way to help those trapped within and expose the organization for what it is.

  5. Jehovah our God, exalted in might,
    We at the Watchtower provide all your light.
    The Governing Body standing so grand;
    Forever proclaiming "At the cart you must stand!"
    Your heavenly throne, your truth we proclaimed.
    The end of the world for years we've exclaimed.
    You are to believe us with no questions asked,
    Your will is ours and with ours you are tasked.
    We keep our eyes blind to the molested ones,
    Apostates and family of course we do shun!
    Our watches of gold, Swiss-made Rolex,
    Remind us how soon that we may molest!
    The stupid believe us – the light does grow brighter,
    The feeble believe us – and their purses are lighter.
    Our meat in due season, the generation has died,
    Many world endings publishers have cried!
    Narcissistic people and low intelligent fools,
    You believe what we say, swallowing our stools.
    Lett us deny wrongdoing! Lett us be white!
    Lett us pretend we don't suck dick in the night.
    Lett us be shallow, sycophantic, and crude,
    lett us molest children, but lett us be shrewd.
    As now we pay millions to molested young,
    The pioneers deluded as they swallow our dung.

  6. A murderer comes to a Kingdom Hall to say SAVE ME from the crimes i committed, hide me , and protect me now. HOwever, these people also murder anyone in the Hall too. There is no sense of protecting the Hall.

  7. The patient-doctor privileges and clergy-laity privileges ARE NOT to protect the org of doctors or org of clergy or org of psychiatrists. The confidentiality is for the person confessing on a one to one paid professional work. Thus if you hear from others that someone murdered, THAT is not a confession of the murderer to the one person who needs to remain quiet. In fact the law is now making it very clear that if your confession requires 2 or 3 people to be there, that it is NOT confidential then, and must also be told to police. That is exactly why it is confidential because it is a public servant who is ONLY one witness. But if your confession is to a body, such one witness confidence no longer exists. THERE IS NO one man confidence with JWs, it is always plural and so it is NOT legal. In fact if you confide in one servant and it is kept secret, that servant is regarded by the body as holding back from Jehovah, not reporting crimes to the elders, (who aren't going to report it to the police. If Jacob had not been in Canaan, his two sons would have been killed for murder. The reason is because Canaan only had law or rules per city, not between cities. It was not one united government that ruled everything in between the lands of cities, outside those cities. Thus no other city came to trial and hang Simeon and Levi. These days the Kingdom Halls act as if there is no law between kingdom halls. Crimes can be committed by one person of one hall against another of another hall. HOwever favoritism is what wins if YOUR hall doesn't protect you from THEIR hall. Circuit Overseer Cunerd said to me doesn't matter what anyone says you did or not do, if there are gripes you have to let yourself be controlled and stop what others demand you stop.

  8. I watched this video when it first came online and I didn’t bother watching till the end cos the allegations were just too comical and absurd. To be honest, you totally put me off from watching your videos. I was going to comment then but didn’t bother cos I felt no rational thinking person would consider this video as real, however seeing the comments here I am forced to conclude that rational thought have been clouded by hate.
    If any of your claims are true, have you considered that it is your responsibility, having come to possess this information, to formally report same to the authorities? Anything short of this and you will be guilty of failing to report a criminal case and can be held liable as an accessory, same as the elders and others within the organisation who knew of the facts of the case as mentioned by you. Whether you are taken seriously or not by the authorities is irrelevant, what is important is that you have acted in line with secular and biblical laws. It is not enough to criticise others, you have to show what actions you have taken to satisfy the law and more importantly, your bible trained conscience. Going this route (ie posting such videos) you do what the JW organisation has always done; which is to condemn, criticise and pass judgement on other religions and honest hearted people who sincerely want to serve God and recognise Christ as the only Judge and Saviour. I have always tried to be non judgemental of anyone or organisation believing strongly that that responsibility belongs to Christ Jesus alone and as such I am strongly opposed to anyone who condemns or critiques without facts. Anyone can go online and spew anything that he or she feels will attract a larger audience, or to cement his or her position, but that shouldn’t be the way when it comes to spirituality. As Christians, our defining quality should be love, this way we will demonstrate the power of the spirit in our lives and show the practical nature of Christ’s love which is at work in us.

  9. This is kind scary when you think about it but im not really surprised. I always knew something was off especially when I was trying to "reach out". They keep telling me it was my field service time and the fact that I didn't have a study. I said in my head that it seemed to me like they wanted to make sure I was completely 100 percent dedicated to the rules and I admit I only followed what I felt was correct. This video and the information presented confirms that belief. If you are not 100 percent down with the program they wont let you advance and to me that seems more like man's will than God's.

  10. So its up to his conscience if he should confess to murdering people but its against God's Law to accept a blood transfusion to save your life. Umm Yeah..And to think I was going to go to the meeting tonight. No thank you ill pass.

  11. I'm sure the people in Noah's day were critical thinkers to, fact their thinking was so critical that it couldn't get them out of that critical situation in the flood came and swept them all away .get out of your feelings and your lies and emotions and get into it what the bible really teaches. In fact don't challenge them on mistakes they have made of an imperfect man but challenge them on what they really teach from the Bible no you can't do that because you know you won't hold up. because the world knows that Jehovah Witnesses know their Bible very well

  12. Look up – MISPRISION OF FELONY – Habour fugitives, wow this would implicate collusion w JWs as well? What if this murderer kills someone else? Catholics confess all the time to their priests, JWsnot clergy class wow! Hypocrites! keep in mind JWs act as the Judge and Jury & disfellowship more members then any other church, so mis-prison of felony is in full effect, that letter should be reported to the states attorney general and shut them down! You can’t use confidentiality laws when you act as a JUDGE, and bring forth Judgement and have members shunned. There has to be a line drawn and this organization is wreck-less and a menace to society!

  13. They doing the same in court battles wanting to use the "clergy" excuse for cover ups. Like you said its convenient, but Judges are not falling for it and are issuing 4000 dollar a day fines for not handing over documents. That service body is a public relation over-site commission, sweep it under the rug for its all about appearances. They are a spirit lead organization. But it is not the Holy Spirit of God.

  14. Partaking of the Blood: medium rare stakes, or any other meat that shows pink.
    If it flows clear it is water and oil but the blood remains hence that is why this pink, like under your fingernail. If you don't believe me look under a microscope.

    If you're bitten by a fly you have partaken of the blood because :Flies may transmit HIV. … Regurgitated material from stable flies fed on HIV-containing blood has been shown by two of the researchers, Brandner and Kloft, to contain intact HIV. It is known that stable flies can transmit other viruses, including a virus which causes a disease of horses, the equine anaemia virus. Also limes and all other blood borne Through the blood.

    Kissing for long periods of time: I have personally experienced this at a young age of 16 my girlfriend and I were kissing For 2 hours . the inner part of our cheek' mouth, Bled for three days. It explained the funny taste in our mouths at the time.

    Eating the flesh of any animal that has been strangled, tortured, put into fear, given the knowledge of death also follows in the next passage of your partaking of the Blood.

    Sexual activity so many days before or after the menstrual cycle even If everything appears OK, it is not under the microscope.

    There are many more: IF you are a J W and wonder why these things do not bother the other Christians. Go to a church with a cross on it and find out. According to your beliefs you're going to hell anyway so why not?

  15. What happened to "Rendering Caesar's things to Caesar and God's things to God"??? This guy broke Caesar and Gods law yet instead of turning him in to have him reap what he sow they rather keep it quiet because he's now a brother??? A murderer?? Come on man that's insane.So basically this man covered up his serious sin before he became a witness and now that he is a witness they helping him cover it up by keeping quiet.This explains a lot.It explains how some people were made elders and pioneers WHILE they were covering up serious sins..This explains why my ex wife born and raised as a witness was so mean and violent.No different than the churches.This finds no support anywhere in the bible yet they claim everything they do scriptural and are different from Christendom.If a Baptist Church was doing the same thing the witnesses would critize them.But when they do it they have no qualms with it.A murderer in their midst and they feel no obligation to call the police .That's absolutely insane.I can't believe what I just saw and heard!

  16. Is this verified. Or is there a way to show that it’s authentic. Obviously I would be met with the accusation that this is faked if I were to present this to a current witness

  17. i first heard about this case from Jason Zelda 's Hiden from Jehovah''s Witnesses video. What is amazing is that adults had to write to The Society to find out what to do, instead of telling this brother to do the right thing and turn himself in to the authorities before they do. .He has to follow Caeser's law and pay for his crimes and the organization would not harbor criminals. They would have done this if the man was a co-worker on an employee on the job. So even more so in a church.. The Society was looking out for their own interest and only wanted a cover-up. Where is God justice, and love in this? What if this "brother" commits another murder? The Society and these elders will have a lot to answer for, particularly for their covert wrongdoings. There is o way these shepherds could believe in God, knowing that the Bible says there are held to a higher standard than the rank and file.

  18. The Moonies were shut down from operating in the US- were they considered a religion? I'm asking this because if a murder is committed by a member of a religious denomination/ organization does that exonerate
    the said organization from reporting this situation? Other lives could be in danger right in that congregation / house of worship
    I see that a letter was sent to the FBI. Can they do anything about this?

  19. Why doesn't the organization not report or warn the friends about the dangers of becoming victims of violence ? For example my husband ( who is not a JWs ) and l were watching a popular crime series channel here in America " Named the ID channel. There was a story of a couple who were JWs and unfortunately the wife who was a dedicated member ended killing her husband of 30 yrs by stabbing him to death. This happened in the state of Texas in 2015. Another example case one of the Las Vegas mass shooter victims was a JWs was not honored or reported on the website. Or magazine.? Or the recent burning of kingdom halls in Utah or a shooting that occurred in 2009 at kingdom hall killing one of the attendees ? I'm not against the organization but as an responsible ethical organization they should report these stories to brothers and sisters to warn them . After all we are people living in a world of violence and we should protect our flock.

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