1. Canadian industry is very tight on regulation and screening. Any LP distribute bad product will have their license suspended. We don't want just free market, because we learn from U.S state.

  2. Dont buy Go Green Hemp oil. You are getting just what the label says ITS HEMP OIL. Theres NO cbd in it. I paid $29 for 30 servings. 250mgs. I should have vuessed just from the price that somethi g wasn't right. I know what unflavored CBD oil tastes like. I know what orfinary hemp oil tastes like. What I bought wad just ordinary hemp oil used in cooking.

  3. I recieved mine from CDX labs and I've just took a dose for the 1st time drops under tongue & it just says Hemp oil CBD & Glycerin and I feel calmed down literally within a minute. So idk I guess mine is "Real" but who knows cuz it's my 1st time.

  4. Can any one give me insight on this product I bought I’m new to CBDs and such but I want something to help with anxiety so I use a Juul it helped me quit cigarettes so they sell this pod called airbender hemp full spectrum phytocannabinoid hemp extract 200mg the back says its other ingredients are vegetable glycerin and propylene Glycol flavoring and hemp extract manufactured in a FDA registered lab my only concern is it synthetic? And safe? Thank you!

  5. We are legit supplier of medical cannabis oil such as..Butane Hash Oil (BHO), Hemp oil, CBD OIL,CO2 Oil,THC OIL,Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) / Phoenix Tears,Tinctures. we supplier within the USA state and cannada.our service is 100% discreet to your delivery address and we do drop off delivery within the state and delivery is 1 to 3 hrs maxim and we do Overnight shipping 100% discreet guarantee medical marijuana strains. Cannabis Email to [email protected]gmail.com

  6. That's bull about CBD isolate not being as good. I have had spectacular results with my high potency 99% pure CBD isolate in a 1500 mg per oz potency.
    You can't tell me it doesn't work as good as full spectrum. I'm living proof it does.

  7. I have been on serious pain meds for some time due to several back surgeries, and have found the better products usually will contain Organic Hemp oil and non gmo Vegetable Glycerin, I vape the current brand I use (LIVHEMP) and have no complaints it has done wonders when RX meds have failed. I have tried several brands some so ridiculously priced it is a crime, listen people it does not have to be expensive to do the job, shop around, read reviews and speak to your Dr.

  8. Hi 🙂
    Im looking to buy some cbd oil and I dont find any review on the internet about the brand I wanted to get. In the description theres a lab sheet and theres only one cannabinoid and it’s 101.26% CBD, that’s it. I wanted to know if you think that would be good?

  9. I bought some CBD Vape oil from ebay it was very cheap I recived in the post and now the item has been removed. Now I'm not sure weather to try this or not worried it may make me Ill.

  10. A lab report is just a piece of paper – if they're willing to sell you fake CBD oil, why would they not be willing to fake some writing on a piece of paper, which is much easier? Why would I trust them to give me an accurate lab report if they weren't honest enough to sell me real CBD oil in the first place? This is just stupid.

  11. cannabinoids are they all oils present in the plant ?
    because I litterarilly go crazy when I get high, I can't handle it one bit.
    but if I can get the benefits without the bad side effects like memory problems, paranoia and just the feeling of time loss.
    then I would not mind a "low quality" oil

  12. Finding real cbd that could truly be laboratory tested as true cbd like they sell in a medical dispensary seems impossible. It all seems like gas station scam crap! Sooo which companies have labs and are legit???????

  13. Do you know of any good companys that are doing custom or strain specific terpene infused CBD oils? Also I am reading CBG is good for IBS and OCD/Anxiety but I can seem to find any CBD tincture with CBG in it.

  14. I had my Cbd Oil show up positive for THC at my doctor appointment today, would that be considered a legit Cbd Oil?? My Doctor wasn't happy about that but he knows how I am suffering and explained some things to me but I cant take it any longer while I am on meds, but I suffer from Chronic Pain, and I'm just wondering if that was legitimate enough to prove it was real??!! It was real enough for me and scary to hear that news from the Doctor!!!

  15. Hi, A friend who also has Fibromyalgia has been taking Neuro Armour CBD 1500 mg. I am so confused about what to look for. Do you have any info on this company or do I need to stay clear? I really need help for chronic pain. Thanks for you channel

  16. My Plus CBD has olive oil and honestly I've been taking it since yesterday and I really have NOT felt a difference… idk! Maybe I have to build up my tolerance? Or would you suggest another company ?

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