1. Hey Anna, thanks a lot for the video ! We need to stay strong to fight anxiety ! I deal a lot with it , but i keep focus on the positive energy and far away from the negativ people !
    I take CBD for my anxiety and my back pain. my GF take for her PMS. We order on plantandhemp.com , you know them? the support is very nice and it is good quality product !

    Thanks again Anna <3 stay strong !

  2. Exercise is great for depression. Almost anything.. just taking hikes. Join a hiking club. If you are near the ocean take up surfing. I don't know any depressed surfers.

  3. I'm in Canada, so I can smoke marijuana legally, which is one thing I do to cope with my illness

    (anxiety, depression, OCD to name a few). I use it in moderation, as in once or twice a month. The medication I've had

    the most success with, and the one I'm currently on, is clozapine. Like you, I hate the side effects

    and would much rather take something "natural".

  4. ANNA THIS IS SO HELPFUL! I have been noticing my anxiety getting SO much worse, and it's to the point that doing everyday things makes me feel so so sick and I panic almost everyday now. I also get migraines about twice a week, sometimes more. Depending on how bad my anxiety gets or how i'm eating.

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